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  1. Eric

    The one thing I’m thankful for this Christmas, is the joy of being able to click that “Play All” button and having the best entertainment I could possibly hope for. Thank you guys so much for being you.

    Best wishes,

    Eric Falkenham

  2. Felzoid

    Have you seen 1985’s “Year of the Dragon” ? I watched it based on the fact that Oliver Stone wrote the screenplay – but it turned out to be one of the worst films I’ve ever seen!

  3. Felzesto

    Love the show, please don’t stop! Just watched your episode featuring “The Mack” and wanted to share something I noticed – the actor that Matt describes as “dressing like a strawberry” (3:47) I’m pretty sure is the character “T.C.” from the 80’s television series Magnum P.I.

    • Craig Johnson

      Why yes, that is Mr Roger E Mosley, or if you prefer “TC” from Magnum P.I. We edited out quite a bit of us saying, “That’s the guy from… awwwww, some 80’s action show…who is he?” [2 minutes later] “MAGNUM!” He did do a great job in “The Mack,” and if I recall, he had a really great speech, completely overshadowed by his strawberry-like appearance. So, the lesson of the movie is, don’t let your outfit overshadow your oratory. -CJ

  4. Bailey

    Hey guys! So I have the perfect theme song for you, check it out! “In the basement (part 1)” by Etta James. At the very least you could listen to it as you get ready for your show in order to pump you up, lol!

    • T.A. Epley

      Nah, they should listen to “The Basement Tapes” by Craig’s beloved Bob Dylan if they want a pre-show warm up!

  5. Tylar Robideau

    This much entertainment should be illegal 🙂 It feels like when I talk movies with my friends, only more entertaining. Been watching since the Halloween episode. Good stuff.

  6. Stryyder

    Another great show guys! I’ve been a fan of your work ever since the brilliant pumpkin slaying short film years ago.

    Your reviews of movies are gritty, realistic, and quite splendid too. Great stuff!

  7. Kevin Redding

    Hey Matt & Craig! Have ya’ll seen David Lynch’s “The Straight Story”? It’s a beautiful and simple movie that doesn’t quite feel like a Lynch movie. It’s G rated for crying out loud!

  8. Elite Smore

    Oh man my brother went to st johns and I remember being forced to watch the Red balloon at my school too!


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