The Awful Truth

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We belatedly celebrate Valentine’s Day with a screwball comedy classic starring the one and only Cary Grant. Also Irene Dunn and a very cute dog. Come and it on the old leather couch with us and learn the awful truth for yourself. In Seen It, we discuss more Oscar contenders: a family of parasites, a pair of popes and a story of marriage.




4 Responses to “The Awful Truth”

  1. Daniel

    Irene Dunne’s clothes are not supposed to be clownish. They’re high fashion. Grant was there to look elegant and classy. Dunne’s frocks were there for the show-off-wow-factor.

  2. Joe Mondello

    Eleanor Roosevelt got her style from Margaret Dumont. ..

    Tin Men!

  3. Joe Mondello

    Also, “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” is a remake of “Bedtime Story” starring Brando as the Steve Martin character and David Niven in the Michael Caine role. David Niven and Michael Caine form one of many, many pairs of actors who are completely interchangeable, like Charles Durning and Brian Dennehy and… too many to list and I know you have to read a lot of these.

    Tin Men!

  4. Ryan

    While I was watching your ‘The Weekend’ episode, my wife started watching with me and she thinks that neither of you have the right names. Matt should really be named Brian, and Craig does not look like a Craig at all but more like a Nathan.

    Do with that what you will.


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