Three Cases of Murder

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three-casesMurders.  Three of them.  What do you need, a roadmap?  Come and have a seat with us on the old leather couch as we watch some people get killed.
In Seen It, we discuss Barflies, Ladykillers and a weird and wacky early film from a man called Soderbergh.

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  1. Luke Collins

    You guys should watch “Death to Smoochy.” This talent bomb features Robin Williams, Edward Norton, Catherine Keener, Danny DeVito and Jon Stewart, yet manages to never be funny.

    You also get to hear Robin Williams sing what is ostensibly a children’s song, but everything he says is a euphemism for sex.

  2. Geoff Cole

    Wondering whether I could find a non UK perspective on the Italian Job I discovered your channel and then this film which I’m most annoyed I wasn’t previously aware of.

    Thanks for that.

    It would be nice to know whether either Dead Of Night (1945), a similar and highly regarded portmanteau film, or the obscure post-war London crime drama called The Boys (1962) – a look at teenage existence for those growing up in the urban mess, before all the bomb damage had been repaired, before London was swinging and before The Beatles – could feature in the basement or even ‘Seen It’ one day.



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