Back To The Future 2

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bttf2Fire up your Delorean!  Strap on your hoverboard!  Something something jigawatts… We’re watching Back to the Future II,  a movie that for some inexplicable reason Matt and Craig haven’t seen yet.
In Seen It, we discuss Jackasses, Strangers and men with variable degrees of breakable-ness.

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  1. Relentless Mike

    The “old man” at 8:03 is Charles Fleischer who voiced Roger Rabbit, also a Zemeckis film. At 8:30 there’s even a Roger Rabbit toy in the window when Marty see’s the Almanac. And points for the Suicidal Tendencies reference, which could actually also be a Limp Bizkit and Cyprus Hill reference since they both used the same line in their own songs, but both in reference to the original…


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