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sunrise-1Our last in a series of auteur directors, we take on F.W. Murnau’s first Hollywood film — Sunrise.  A lovely story about two humans that also features attempted murder, shipwreck, treacherous dames and a hilarious pig.
In Seen It we discuss Canadian rockers, English gourmets and American monkeys.

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  1. Marye C Raux

    I’ve watched this movie three times (Not in a row) and I may do a cinematic immersion with it. Every time has left me with different feelings. My 1st experience left me with romantic, nostalgic thoughts. 2nd time was more of an appreciation for the absolute perfection of each frame, the layers of shadow and light, the brilliance of the lead actors, and the emotions that the camera angles induced (the tilt of the rooms when the old couple are eating dinner as the vixen interrupts them, and as the young wife brings soup to her husband). This is the new addition to my list of favorite movies. Thank you!


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