Season 2 Episode Guide

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018: Saturday Night Fever

Cold Open Topic:
‘Me & Orson Welles’
The void that is Zac Efron

Gift: Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack album on vinyl.
Objet D’art: Last Exit to Brooklyn paperback

Closing Credits:
Tony wishing a car was made of dancing and after threatening Craig with a head
cuffing, it is decreed that there will be no hitting on the couch.
Ernesto Stinger:
“I work on my hair a long time and you hit it.”

Seen It:
(Craigʼs Pick)
Enemy at the Gates
Spider Baby
Arsenic and Old Lace
Sexy Beast
Le Samurai

Show Notes
• The first show of Season 2
• Craig sits in the Big Chair for the first time, choosing the movie (based off of one that he himself has never seen), the Seen-Its and the “Customer Comments.” This was Matt’s Christmas gift to Craig at the end of Season 1.
• Craig pulls a Paint Your Wagon-style bait and switch making Craig think we are
watching a movie on punk rock, before revealing it is going to be a disco movie.
• Matt announces our Pay Pal account.
• Craig gives Matt his gift “Oprah Style” by hiding it beneath his chair.
• There are a couple of Seen Itʼs that Matt has not seen.

019 – The Magnificent Seven

Cold Open Topic:
Problems with the show
‘Killer Joe’
‘Django Unchained’

Gift: Yul Brynner Japanese Menko Card
Objet: Cowboy hat

Closing Credits:
Matt and Craig sing the little-known, Magnificent Seven-inspired Kinks tune “Stop Your Shouting”
Ernesto Stinger:
(Cowboy laughing) “Haw Haw Haw”

Seen It:
Sweet Sweetback’s Baaadaasss Song
The Hobbit (Rankin Bass, 1977)
Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey
Anvil: The Story of Anvil / Searching For Sugarman
Shut Up And Play The Hits

Show Notes:
• Craig finally publicly discusses his intense dislike of Sir Richard Attenborough.
• Craig proves himself a creepy neighbor by showing how he talks to neighbor kids.
• Matt references Nanook! Craig references Kinski!
• Tona disrupts filming, but it turns out that Matt is just asserting his dominance over Craig in Yul Brenner fashion.
• Matt gives audience challenge to think of a movie other than “Baaadaasss” in which an actor plays his own real-life father.

Episode 020: Love Story

Cold Open:
Oscar discussion #1:
Who wuz snubbed, and the usefulness of bodices.
Robert DeNiro and the role Craig wanted in Silver Linings Playbook

Gift: the book “Love In Dishevelment” by David Greenhood

Oject dʼArt: Mirrored wooden candle holder.

Closing Credits:
Craig and Matt laugh at Tona for crying at the ending of Love Story.
She swears at them.

Ernesto Stinger:
“Listen, you conceited Radcliffe bitch.”

Harold & Maude
The Invention of Lying
Defending Your Life
Drive w/ “Americaʼs Caveman” Ron Perlman

Show notes:

• This is the longest episode to date (24:14)
• Our 2nd Valentineʼs Day show. Matt brought chocolate.
• Matt mispronounces Silver Linings Playbook as “Silver Linings Playback…Book.”
• Matt asks the timeless question: “Who among us hasn’t been swept into an alliance by a gay breeze?”
• Craig has a “chocolate accident”.
• Craig keeps calling Ally Macgraw “Ally McBeal.” (“She’s the only other Ally Mc I know!”)
• The first of our two part Ryan OʼNeal series.
• “Pre-Steadicam Walk-n-Talk”
• Ray Millandʼs appearance introduces us to “Lost Weekend” and its bat. His character has multiple flashbacks to “The bat” throughout the episode.
• “Ladri di Bicicletti”-2nd reference (since Episode 006)
• Craig and Matt both burst into tears. Matt uses a cat to wipe his eyes.
• Matt makes a profane master cut of the insults of Love Story.
• First use of the “Customer Comments” logo. First announcement of Paypal donors.
• We read a response from Thundercracker – who Craig previously accused of mocking us in Episode 018. We both determine that he is still mocking us, even though he obviously isn’t.
• ‘Seen It’ is interrupted by basement plumbing noises.

Answers (to the question in the previous episode “What actor portrayed his own real life father):
Shooter Jennings as Waylon Jennings in “Walk the Line”
Desi Arnez, Jr, as Desi Arnez, Sr, in “Mambo Kings”
Christopher Jordan Wallace as the Notorious B.I.G. in “Notorious”

021: Tough Guys Donʼt Dance

Cold Open Topic:
Oscars 2013
Spielbergʼs “Lincoln,”
“Les Mis” and its underwhelmingness of Russell Crowe
“Beasts of the Southern Wild” vs. “Eraserhead.”

Gift: A chunk of real Hawaiian volcanic rock.
Objet Dʼart: walking bear toy

Show notes:
• Matt throws down “Love Storyʼs” dvd box, starting a short trend.
• Second Ryan OʼNeal movie in a row.
• Laurence Tierney makes his first appearance.
• A hammy, mush-mouthed actress uses “That made up Nell language” popularized in the movie Nell (with clip).
• “One potato a man eats”
• Matt coins the term “The Putney Swope Panic.”
• Rare use of the Tiger Stinger* (not seen since Episode 009).
• The movie discussion features a supercut of ridiculous phrases from the film.

Closing Credits:
Matt channels Norman Mailer and decides that “making out” means “having sex.”

*Tiger Stinger:
“Mr Regency and I make out five times a night.”

Ernesto Stinger:
“Get yoʼ ass off my pillow.”

Seen It- Theme: “Tough Guys”
The Wrestler
Falling Down
Bubb Ho-Tep
My Cousin Vinny
The Warriors

Episode 022: Swing Time

Cold Open Topic:
Pre-Post Oscars Roundup
(Since the episode was recorded before the Oscars, but aired after, Matt and Craig record a variety of different reactions to what might happen and cut and paste them together after the fact. Including a clip from way back in Episode 008)
Life of PI and comparisons to Ernesto the cat.

Gift: White evening gloves
Objet: Black top hat

Closing Credits:
Matt and Craig make a few comments about the “Tuxedo gambling” scene.
Ernesto Stinger:
(Pop’s drunken yammering)

Seen It:
The Big Lebowski
Blood Simple
The Man Who Would Be King
Groundhog Day
Being John Malkovich
Tiny Furniture

Show Notes:
• Matt throws down the ‘Tough Guys’ DVD box (like he did in the previous episode).
• It is revealed via flashback that during ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’, Matt and Craig did, in fact, dance.
• WTTB’s first movie from the 1930s.
• The movie summary includes a clip from Spike Lee’s ‘Malcolm X’, when Matt makes a reference to “conk”.
• Second reference to “The made up Nell language” in reference to Pop’s slurring drunkenness.
• “One potato a man eats”
• Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire are compared to “The Thing” and “The Human Torch”
• In response to a viewers request for “More Tona”, there is a behind the scenes clip of Matt and Tona nuzzling.
• Spoilers for ‘The Man Who Would Be King’ are drowned out by farm animal noises and blocked by the “spoiler redacted” logo (for the first time since Episode 005). Premiere of the “Spoiler Dossier” section of the website, where spoilers are revealed in secure, spoil-free conditions.
• First mention of the “Redeemable Asshole” – a character that starts out reprehensible and by the end elicits genuine sympathy from the audience. The redeemability of the particular Asshole is highly subjective.
• Matt reveals that the next movie will not be chosen by either of them (with accompanying eerie music).

Episode 023: Bedazzled

Cold open:
Matt and Craig discuss Blu-Rays
Thrift store find: “Scarface” on Blu Ray
The “Long Dayʼs Journey Into Night” drinking game.

Gift: A coaster made from the center of an LP (Music by Fausto Papetti)
Oject dʼArt: Black cat with boa

Show Notes:
• Rob Matsushita chooses the movie for this episode off of Mattʼs master list.
• Rob discusses the film in cutaway clips that were filmed weeks before this episode.
• Matt and Craig impersonate the sax in Gerry Raffertyʼs “Baker Street”
• British comic actress Eleanor Bron makes her first appearance.
• Plot summary features a clip from the 60s TV show ‘The Prisoner’.
• Matt celebrates his marital status with a conveniently placed prop.
• Matt and Craig cringe at 60ʼs rape humor.
• The Putney Swope Panic is referenced in a Customer Comment.
• Craig is hit on by one of the richest twins in the world (maybe).
• Matt mentions an asshole protagonist who is not redeemable.
• Matt impersonates Jimmy Stewart doing Tom Waits lyrics.

The Station Agent
Ghost Rider parts I and II
As Good As It Gets
Everything Must Go
Team America: World Police

Credits: Matt makes sure his special pillow is in place during Raquel Welch scene.
Ernesto Stinger: “JULIE ANDREWWWWWWS!”

Episode 024: My Own Private Idaho

Cold Open Topic:
Craig’s controversial theory: Non-Americans do not like peanut butter.

Gift: An Idaho Potato
Objet Dʼart: B52s ‘Wild Planet’ LP (featuring the song “Private Idaho”)

Show Notes:
• Craig’s Peanut Butter comment created an internet firestorm.
• Aaron Yonda chooses the movie for this episode, despite his “problems”. His cutaway shots were filmed on the same day as Rob Matsushita’s.
• This is one of Craigʼs top 25 movies.
• Matt cops to college poetry writing.
• “Screen-flay”
• Matt and Craig gain the catch phrase “Itʼs a very magnanimous gesture.”
• Udo Kier and Grace Zabriskie appear in the film. It doesnʼt seem like a big deal at the time.
• During Hansʼs lip synching bit, Matt says he “would love it if this were Udo Kierʼs real life band.” Turns out, the song was actually Udoʼs 1985 German hit “Der Adler.”
• Craig seizes the opportunity to reference Mattʼs Buona Fortuna gag from Episode 6.
• Matt defines “The Putney Swope Panic” during “Customer Comments” when a viewer says it should be made into a page on TV Tropes.

Closing Credits:
Matt and Craig talk of their favorite male porn, and Craig envies Riverʼs hair.
Ernesto Stinger:

Seen It:
(Theme “Seen It/Own It.” Featuring DVDs from Matt’s personal collection)
White Heat
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
24 Hour Party People
Duck Soup

Episode 025: My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done?

Cold open:
RIP Roger Ebert
Matt and Craig’s personal experiences with Mr. Ebert

Gift: Signed photo of Michael Shannon as Agent Van Alden
Oject d’Art: Sigmund Freud action figure

Craig’s Background LP: Johnny Cash “Ring of Fire”

Show notes:
• Hall of Famer Michael Shannon makes his first appearance on our show.
• For the 3rd time ever, Matt stumps Craig by choosing a movie Craig has never heard of.
• Second Werner Herzog film on the show. Film was also produced by David Lynch, making it his second appearance on the show.
• Second appearances in a row of Udo “Sitting on a bullet” Kier and Grace Zabriskie on the show. (The dance scene from My Own Private Idaho makes a return appearance.
• Craig coins the term “Shandango.”
• First time that Matt displays his LP collection behind Craig.
• Matt insists that Craig’s gift remain in the basement for the time being.
• Another incident of the Putney Swope Panic.
• “Ostriches hostages”
• Matt refers to “Real Life Crazy Person” Nicholas Cage.
• Craig and Matt enact an imagined script meeting between director Werner Herzog and producer David Lynch.
• Matt and Craig offer advice for young film viewers.
• Matt coins the term “soul horror.”
• Turns out Craig can dance and jump behind bushes.

Murder By Death
The Jerk
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
The Shining
District 9 [featuring a “Redeemable Asshole”]
Much Ado About Nothing

Credits: “David Lynch Presents the new Land’s End catalog.”
Ernesto Stinger: “Why is the whole world staring at me?”

Episode 026: The Wicker Man

Cold Open:
More thoughts on peanut butter.
Matt and Craig eat peanut butter (and a secret is revealed).

Gift: A handmade wicker man (made by Tona)
Oject d’Art: an apple

Craig’s Background LP: Neil Young “Live Rust”

Show notes:
• Matt introduces the movie by reading Led Zeppelin IV lyrics. Led Zeppelin’s ‘Houses of the Holy’ is referenced later.
• “Real Life Crazy Person” Nicholas Cage rears his real life crazy head again thanks to a certain remake.
• Craig recounts a traumatic Wicker Man-related road trip.
• Craig’s gift becomes a character in the episode: “Lil’ Wicker Man”
• Craig impersonates Renfield.
• Matt recounts animated rabbit-related childhood trauma.
• Craig talks of Mugwumps residing in Oregon.

Seen It:
(Theme: “At The Theater”)
Y Tu Mama Tambien
Naked Lunch
Watership Down
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

Closing Credits: Summer Isle’s pub-goers’ happiness that they have an audience for their long-rehearsed song.
Ernesto Stinger: ”The Land-Lord’s daughter!”

Episode 027: Armageddon

Cold Open:
Hitchcock, Joseph Conrad, Beastie Boys.
Craig doesn’t understand “Rap Bands”

Gift: A real chunk of meteorite (with certificate of authenticity)

Oject d’Art: ‘Adventures in Time and Space’ book.

Craig’s Background LP: William Shatner “The Transformed Man”

Show notes:
• Craig expresses a wish for Matt to pull the film “Top Secret” out of the Top Secret envelope. There is a brief clip of the singing horse from the movie.
• The concept of “Benched Movies” is introduced, when Matt reveals that we were going to watch this film last year, but watched Top Gun instead.
• Craig mis-indentifies Def Leppard’s “Armageddon It” as rap music.
• Craig once again expresses anger over the fictional destruction of New York’s Grand Central Station (which he previously did in Episode 006)
• The “Internation Sign of a Genius” Rubik’s Cube makes a return appearance (first seen in Episode 008)
• Udo Kier and Grace Zabriskie show up once again in this movie. Craig coins the term “Zabriskie Threepeat”.
• We see the “Sitting on a bullet” clip for a third time.
• Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” induces intense nausea in Matt and Craig
• “I don’t want a Russian Space Station Peril Appetizer, I want an Asteroid Dinner!”
• Tona cries again
• Craig coins the word “Udocity” in as a catch-all word to describe the intrinsic qualities of Udo Kier.
• Craig’s ‘F For Fake’ spoiler is drowned out by barking dogs. The second entry to the Spoiler Dossier on the website.
• More “Redeemable Assholes” in Seen It.

Seen It:
F For Fake
Glen or Glenda
The Outsiders
Hamlet (Olivier, Branagh, Gibson)

Closing Credits: Matt and Craig have more nauseous reactions to Aerosmith
Ernesto Stinger: “It’s the size of Texas, Mr. President”

Episode 028: Help!

Cold Open:
Matt and Craig’s most anticipated summer movies
‘Man of Steel’, ‘Much Ado About Nothing’, ‘Frances Ha’
Noah Baumbach is immortalized in song

Gift: 4 1 million dollar Beatles bills

Oject d’Art: Egyptian Scarab Beetle

Craig’s Background LP: Steely Dan ‘Aja’

Show notes:
• Matt fulfills Craig’s wish of pulling ‘Top Secret’ out of the envelope, even though that’s not the movie we watch
• The second appearance of Eleanor Bron on the show
• ‘Help!’ is a “Benched Movie” (replaced in season 1 by ‘Unfaithfully Yours’)
• Matt and Craig sing the song “You’re Gonna Lose That Ring”
• Matt calls back The Wicker Man in reference to the impending human sacrifice of Ringo.
• 9:31-11:56 features technical difficulties with our main sound source, and we are forced to use backup sound.
• We revisit our discussion of ‘Watership Down’. Matt endorses “blowing the minds” of children.
• “Mono…the kissing audio system”
• Craig makes a third reference to the guard scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Seen It:
(Vinyl Edition)
Stagecoach (Matt mistakes the 1960s soundtrack for the 1930s one)
A Hard Day’s Night
2001: A Space Odyssey
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Star Wars
Heavy Metal

Closing Credits: Matt and Craig encourage kids not to do drugs
Ernesto Stinger: “I am not what I seem”

Episode 029: The Magician

Cold Open:
Mundane Epiphanies: The lineage of the Marshall family
Garry Marshall’s ‘Batman’

Gift: Party Magic Tricks

Oject d’Art: German beer stein

Craig’s Background LP:
Jimi Hendrix – ‘Axis: Bold As Love’

Show notes:
• The first episode of Foreign Language Film Month
• Matt continually mispronounces the Swedish word “Ansiktet”
• Matt introduces the film in Swedish (with the help of Tona and Google Translate)
• Craig and Matt fantasize about Ingmar Bergman’s ‘Anchorman’ — along with a Bergmanesque rendition of ‘Afternoon Delight’ (‘Afternoon Despair’)
• The Customer Comment featuring Craig’s friend and her precocious daughter was cut from the previous episode and re-done in this one.
• Craig reveals a Pan’s Labyrinth spoiler and it is covered up by the ‘Spoiler Redacted’ logo and duck quacking sounds
• Matt realizes in the middle of Seen It that he hasn’t actually seen the ending of Diva.
• Craig and Matt once again discuss their theatrical careers

Seen It:
(Peanut Butter Hating Foreigners)
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Full Monty
The 400 Blows

Closing Credits: Matt and Craig sing “the Swedish version” of Auld Lang Syne
Ernesto Stinger: [Dying actor saying “Death is…!”]

Episode 30: Aandhi (a.k.a. Bollywood)

Cold Open:
The Man of Steel and the millions dead.

Gift: A postcard of old Bombay.

Objet d’Art: A black Buddha sculpture.

Craig’s Background LP: The Smith’s “Meat Is Murder”

Show notes:

• 2nd film in foreign film month. This time, India.
• Matt reveals Craig’s postcard collecting habit.
• Craig complains of single-named directors.
• Once again, Craig gets mad at a Grand Central facsimile’s destruction.
• Craig once again uses the term “Shandango” (describing any entertainment which features Michael Shannon).
• Matt introduces the film in Hindi (with the help of Google translate)
• Matt sneezes.
• “Holy Motors” proves that The Putney Swope Panic isn’t always a bad thing.
• Matt reveals that a duel between he and Craig is only months away
• Matt announces that “Sci Fi July” is starting with the next episode, and Craig gets to choose the two films from a list of eight chosen by the viewers: (Gattaca, Logan’s Run, Soylant Green, Starship Troopers, Fantastic Planet, Dark Star, Quatermass and the Pit and Barberella).

BONUS: We plug Robin Frohardt’s films “Fitzcardboardaldo” and “The Corrogation of Dreams.”

Seen It:
Children of Men
Holy Motors

Closing Credits: Commenting on romantic attire and stoners’ couches.
Ernesto Stinger: Musical lamentations.

Episode 31: Dark Star

Cold Open:
Matt’s Nightmare
Scary happenings in a haunted church

The Darkstars comic book

Oject d’Art:
Bubble Up Soda bottle

Matt’s Background LP:
Meco “Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk”

Show notes:
• Debut of the “Bladerunner version” of the WTTB theme and Sci-fi’d up version of the title screen.
• More mention of foreigners vs. Peanut Butter.
• “Ground control to Major Bomb”
• Matt and Craig learn what a Parsec is
• Matt proposes an alternate, more exciting ending to Waiting For Godot
• The debut of our TV Tropes page
• Craig reveals a strange childhood game

Seen It:
(Sci Fi)
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Escape From New York
The Host
Safety Not Guaranteed
Flash Gordon

Closing Credits:
“Talby can you read me?”
Ernesto Stinger:
“The only thing that exists is myself”

Episode 032: Starship Troopers

Cold Open:
The next Michael Shannon
Adam Driver and Mads Mikkelson
Where are America’s cannibals?

Citronella candle

Oject d’Art:
‘Men Against The Stars’ sci-fi novel

Matt’s Background LP:
The Police “Ghost in the Machine”

Show notes:
• Matt presents the viewer rankings of the 8 films presented for Sci Fi July
• Craig reveals his dislike of Ethan Hawke and his love of David Strathairn.
• This episode was recorded a few weeks before Rifftrax featured the same movie.
• Third appearance of Michael Ironside on the show.
• Matt makes a “R.I.C.O. case” joke, then claims it makes no sense.
• The dead eyes of Denise Richards are compared to Burt Reynolds in In The Name Of The King (Episode 012)
• A viewer offers an interpretation of Matt’s nightmare from Episode 039. They hypothesize that the dream is Matt’s deep-seated fear that Craig will ruin the show by hosting it. Craig proves this to be right by unleashing a stream of profanity that is beeped out.
• Matt busts out a pretty good impersonation of Wu Tang Clan’s The RZA.

Seen It:
The Graduate
A Simple Plan
Cold Souls
Coffee and Cigarettes
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Singin’ In the Rain

Closing Credits:
Matt ponders the pronunciation of the word “Proboscis”
Ernesto Stinger:
“I’m from Buenos Aires, and I say kill ‘em all!”

Episode 033: Masked and Anonymous

Cold Open:
Craig reads a book
“Altman Appropriateness” and not “getting” The Band.

“The Sun’s Not Yellow It’s Chicken” bumper sticker

Oject d’Art:
Dark sunglasses

Craig’s Background LP:
Bob Dylan and The Band “The Basement Tapes”

Show notes:
• Craig’s love of Bob Dylan is discussed.
• Bob Dylan songs are continually quoted throughout the episode.
• This movie, though meandering and obtuse, did not cause the Putney Swope Panic, due to it’s slow pace.
• The first mention of the “Talent Bomb”. Several Talent Bombs are discussed.
• Craig tells the story of acting in a play with actress Kathryn Grant
• Matt introduces a run of 4 episodes celebrating cinematic subgenres. 8 genres are printed on cards in sealed envelopes. Craig draws a card and the movie is revealed in the next episode. Craig draws X-rated.

Seen It:
Pink Floyd: The Wall
Anatomy of a Murder
Black Dynamite

Closing Credits:
Dylan stares at us, and Craig offers one last mystical hypothesis
Ernesto Stinger:
“The kitty of the fattest cat of all: Me”

Episode 034: Fritz the Cat

Cold Open:
Destry Rides Again
Craig fills in his “Western Gaps”

Felix The Cat doll

Oject d’Art:
Mr. Natural postcard

Craig’s Background LP:
The Rolling Stones “Sticky Fingers”

Show notes:
• Craig mis-indentifies Midnight Cowboy as a “PG-13” movie and then is unable to admit that he is wrong.
• Craig claims that this is one of the worst movies he has ever seen.
• “Calling this movie ‘unfunny’ is like criticizing it for not being a table”.
• Ernesto is called in as “an expert” and he runs away.
• An official definition of “Talent Bomb” is stated.
• Craig plugs his appearance on the “10 Minutes About Your Favorite Movie” podcast, talking about ‘After Hours’.
• Craig talks again about his “irrational” (Matt’s words) dislike of Ethan Hawke.
• Matt once again brings up his movie-loving high school history teacher (Mr. Hughes)
• Craig loves Canadian movies
• Craig and Matt’s spoilers of ‘Pontypool’ is drowned out by duck quacking noises.
• Craig reveals his “Kathryn Grant” letter opener (along with photo). He picks Film Noir.

Seen It:
(Return of the Bottle Movies)
The Man From Earth
12 Angry Men
The Sunset Limited

Closing Credits:
Craig and Matt attempt to sing a song about Fritz the Cat (simultaneously)
Ernesto Stinger:
“Offhand son, I’d say you have got a problem – Ha ha.”

Episode 035: Criss-Cross

Cold Open:
“The Talent Grenade”
‘Slither’, ‘The Princess Bride’ and a grammar lesson.

Gift: Copper .45 bullet

Oject d’Art: Flask

Craig’s Background LP:
Tom Waits “Small Change”

Show notes:
• The mic is visible in the intro to the show (Matt’s fault)
• Matt pulls a bait-and-switch (or a “criss-cross”) in the intro by making Craig think they are going to watch a boxing picture (‘The Set Up’) and then admitting that he’s been lying.
• “I’ve beat myself here”
• Craig doesn’t know how guns work.
• Another mention of “Chekhov’s Gun”.
• Craig and Matt play “Spot the Tony Curtis cameo”. Craig wins.
• A clip of ‘Sweet Smell of Success’ is used in the synopsis.
• A clip of ‘Die Hard’ is used to illustrate protagonist vs. antagonist.
• Matt and Craig discuss a possible screenplay idea: “The Finsley Chronicles”
• First display of Fan Art. Matt encourages the audience to submit more fan art.
• Craig further discusses his aversion to Ethan Hawke.
• Our third attempt to bring ‘Bernie’ to Seen It is successful.
• Craig picks the next genre: Outlaw Biker

Seen It:
To Be Or Not To Be (1942)
Down By Law
Stranger Than Fiction
Tokyo Drifter

Closing Credits: A meditation on “soap powder”.
Ernesto Stinger: “Tramp! Cheap little no-good tramp!”

Episode 036: The Wild Angels

Cold Open:
Film Noir vs. Neo Noir
‘The Big Lebowski’ as Noir

Gift: “Ass Kicker” biker patch

Oject d’Art: Wild Angels soundtrack LP

Craig’s Background LP:
Cheap Trick “In Color”

Show notes:
• Roger Corman, the “Hugh Hefner of bad movies”
• Craig gives Joan Didion a new nickname: “J-Diddy”.
• “Wild Angles: A Frank Gehry production”
• Matt is tired of watching movies with gang rape in them.
• Wild Angels vs. Easy Rider (with clip)
• Craig’s spoiler of the end of Easy Rider is drowned out by Lion roaring.
• Matt denies Craig’s Italian heritage solely to get a rise out of him
• A fan offers a critique of Fritz the Cat; a Beligan fan tells us he’s written an essay about the show
• Matt relates another dvd-player related mishap.
• Craig draws the final genre: Gangster.

Seen It:
The Trial
The Blair Witch Project
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai
Monty Python and the Life of Brian (& The Holy Grail)
The Road

Closing Credits: Craig does a rendition of a RUN-DMC classic
Ernesto Stinger: “…and we wanna get loaded!”

Episode 037: Little Caesar

Cold Open:
Worst date movies
“Rapey” movies vs. Aladdin

Gift: A pencil sharpener/old classy car

Objet d’Art: Bulldog face

Craig’s Background LP: Cyprus Hill’s “Black Sunday.”
Show notes:

• 4th and final episode in the series of sub-genre movies.
• Matt talks of his early formal dating career.
• Matt brings up Federal RICO cases, causing Craig to bring up Matt’s RICO joke in the “Starship Troopers” episode.
• Craig does an extended monologue in classic Edgar G Robinson style (myyyeh).
• Craig intimidates Matt a couple of times via finger jabs, and ominously sharpening pencils.
• Matt talks of the climax of “Observe and Report” which summons the “Spoiler’s Redacted” F/X. (Dog drinking noises)
• Craig reminisces about being lost in Europe.
• Matt announces that Craig will be choosing the movie for the Halloween episode from a list of 5. Will it be “Day of the Dead,” “Horror of Dracula,” “I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” 1932’s “The Mummy,” or “Incubus.”

Seen It:
Observe and Report
Wonder Boys
In the Loop
The Ice Harvest
In Bruges

Closing Credits: Craig stabs Matt with a pencil.
Ernesto Stinger: “Is this the end of Rico?”

Episode 038: Horror of Dracula

Cold Open:
Craig, Matt and Ernesto reveal their show-inspired Halloween costumes (Matt – Blues from The Wild Angels; Craig – Sergeant Howie from The Wicker Man; Ernesto – Lucky Garnett from Swing Time)
Ernesto embarrasses himself

Gift: Metal cross

Oject d’Art: Vampire teeth and vampire blood

Craig’s Background LP: Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”

Show notes:
• Craig shamelessly quotes Shakespeare in his intro
• The second “Alfred” (Michael Gough) on our show (The first was Alan Napier in ‘Criss Cross’). This leaves only Michael Caine to complete the “Alfred Trifecta”. Also, the second episode featuring WTTB Hall of Famer Christopher Lee.
• Craig and Matt strike up a rousing chorus of “The Landlord’s Daughter”
• Craig changes costumes mid show to Sergeant Howie right before the sacrifice.
• “Every generation gets the Dracula they need”
• The introduction of our TV Tropes page
• Fan Art: Wire sculpture and more Chris Pollack
• At long last, Tod Browning’s Freaks makes it to Seen It (after being cut at least twice previously)

Seen It: (Horror movies)
Evil Dead Trilogy
American Psycho
The Happening

Closing Credits:
Various attempts to put a top hat on Ernesto’s head

Ernesto Stinger:
“I am Dracula and I welcome you to my house.”

Episode 039: The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

Cold Open:
Risky Business
Craig fantasizes about teaching a junior college scriptwriting class

Gift: Tissue paper ghost

Oject d’Art: None (Craig’s ghost flies into the shot instead. The Battery-powered bartender can be seen in the background)

Craig’s Background LP: The Modern Lovers

Show notes:
• Matt blames his “busy week” on why he got Craig such a crappy gift
• “Bosoms!”
• Craig names his new ghost friend “Lil’ Chicken”
• “A whole gazebo full of band”
• Craig reveals a complicated hypothesis about the detailed religious symbolism of the film
• Matt has a coughing fit which Craig turns into a sales pitch for the show.
• A viewer took our pre-Halloween facebook poll and correctly guessed what our costumes would be for the Horror of Dracula episode.
• Matt dedicates his purchase of Run Lola Run to Tona.
• A new title for the show is proposed: “Doofus Makin’ Movies”

Seen It:
(Seen It, Own It)
The Royal Tenenbaums
Run Lola Run
American Movie
Hard Boiled

Closing Credits: Matt provides the inner monologue for Luther as he nervously accepts a request for lunch.
Ernesto Stinger: “Atta Boy Luther!”

Episode 40: Valhalla Rising

Cold Open Topic:
Cuaron’s “Gravity” – a case for the validity of 3D.
Ed Harris’s astronaut seal of approval.

Gift: Insect and Arachnid Press On Tattoos.

Objet d’Art: A very hard looking rock.

Craig’s Background LP: Lou Reed’s “Rock and Roll Animal.” (in tribute to the then-recently passed Lou Reed)

Show Notes:
• Matt and Craig wear press on tattoos on their face for the entire episode after the gift presentation.
• Matt blames his “busy week” on why he got Craig such a crappy gift
• Matt thought there would be tattoos in the movie because of misinterpretation of the dvd cover. They may not be perfectly appropriate, but they are suitably bad ass.
• Craig makes a physics error when talking about gravity in space. Ignites a firestorm of comments from the viewers.
• Matt skews the odds of Mads Mikkelsen’s induction into the hall of fame with the selection of “Valhalla Rising.”
• A big thumb kiss goes out to “Megaforce” director Hal Needham (who had recently passed away).
• Matt does a reasonably good impersonation of Mads Mikkelson.
• Craig gives his arguments on why he might be a little psychic.
• Matt does a call back to the “Hwaet” opening of Beowolf, mentioned in ep. 16.
• Craig introduces each chapter of the film with a smarmy English accent.
• Craig reveals his all-time favorite sub-genre: Time Travel Romances.
• Craig can’t even talk about his dislike of Indiana Jones IV, until he explodes in a rage at the mentioning of a certain actor’s name.

The Ladykillers (Tom Hanks/Coen Bros. version) (Both hate)
Garden State (Matt hates)
Midnight in Paris (Craig hates)
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (Matt hates)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (both hate)

Closing Credits: Craig calls out Matt for being too scatological.

Ernesto stringer: “We have many gods. They only have the one.”

Episode 41: All That Jazz

Cold Open Topic:
“The Ice Storm”
Missing the “train of history”

Gift: “The gift of choice.” (Craig gets to choose three holiday or family-related movies for the
Christmas game of 3 Film Monte)

Objet d’Art: The sound track to the original cast production of “Chicago.”

Craig’s Background LP: Elvis Costello’s “Blood and Chocolate.”

Show Notes:
• Spoiler redacted (w/ chicken clucks)- the end of “The Ice Storm,” something that was spoiled for Craig himself when he was living somewhere called “The Toilet Paper Museum.”
• Matt regrets devoting so much time to “Dexter.”
• Matt chooses a movie that he knows Craig loves. During the course of the film, Matt’s brain is in danger of being “Over-fabuloused”.
• Leonard Maltin: “Old beard-face himself”
• Gift is presented at the end of the episode.
• Matt introduces the world to Stu, accidental amateur dancer.
• Ernesto makes a cameo appearance sitting next to a computer, accepting praise from a viewer.
• Matt does a pretty solid Lithgow impersonation, and a standard Wallace Shawn impersonation.
• One of the cats sneezes.
• Matt plugs Rob Matsushita’s podcast “10 Minutes About Your Favorite Movie,” in which he had recently appeared discussing “Miller’s Crossing.”
• Craig encourages Matt to punch strangers in bars.
• A crew member walks into the shot during Seen It.
• Matt gets a full head of steam going when talking about “I’m Still Here” and his disappointment with J. Phoenix. But he doesn’t “hate” it, because “it’s a waste of good hate.”

Fan Art: Chris Pollack’s take on “Valhalla Rising” and the “Ghost and Mr Chicken.”

Seen It: THEME: SEEN IT/HATE IT PART 2: The Audience Talks Back
I Am Legend
I’m Still Here
Natural Born Killers

Closing Credits: Matt and Craig destroy an aspiring actresses hopes
all because of her nose.
Ernesto Stinger: “It’s Showtime, folks!”

Episode 41: Christmas Celebration (The 5000 Fingers of Dr T)

Cold Open Topic:
The two J. Laws.

Gift: Christmas mice cat toys

Objet d’Art: Holly, ornaments and such.

Craig’s Background LP: Bing Crosby’s “Merry Christmas.”

Show Notes:
• Matt does a very disturbing impersonation of Jennifer Lawrence. Craig and Matt re-christen her as “J. Rence”.
• Our opening credits graphic has been Christmafied, with a yuletide version of the them and Matt and Craig dressed as Santa Claus and and Elf, respectively.
• Craig curates the episode. He chose three xmas or family movies
(“Meet Me In St Louis” “The 5000 Fingers of Dr T” and “Rare Exports”).
“5000 Fingers“ wins.
• For the second year running, “Rare Exports” is not chosen for the
holiday movie.
• We re-define “children’s cult classic” as “movies that people like to
watch when they’re older and stoned.”
• Ernesto makes a very low-key cameo appearance, lounging next to a Christmas ornament and “playing” with a cat toy.
• Stu makes his second appearance.
• Matt and Craig again attempt to talk in Swedish.

Seen It:
High Fidelity
The Seventh Seal
Wings of Desire
Dracula (the Spanish language one of 1932)

Closing Credits: Matt questions what activities are best for the weather.

Ernesto Stinger: “5000 little fingers and they’ll be mine. All mine”

Episode 042: The Great Train Robbery / The Red Balloon

Cold Open:
Matt and Craig discuss what they should call this episode. They settle on “End of the Year Special”

Gifts are exchanged. Matt gets the Barry Lyndon sountrack on vinyl. Matt recites a special poem for Craig.

Oject d’Art: None (There were no transitional DVD cover shots for this episode)

Craig’s Background LP: Love “Forever Changes”

Show notes:
• Final episode of the season and our longest episode to date (32:32)
• Our first double feature episode: two short films are watched.
• Debut of the “Auld Lang Syne” version of the show’s theme song, courtesy of theme song composer Mike Rafferty.
• Montage of scenes from all 25 movies that were watched in season 2.
• Favorite movies of the season are revealed. Craig: The Magnificent Seven. Matt: The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T. Least favorites: Craig – Fritz the Cat / Matt – My Son My Son What Have Ye Done.
• The self–indulgence of All That Jazz is revisited.
• Craig mea culpa’s himself for his “gravity in outer space” comments.
• Matt reads a list of hilarious titles of Edwin S. Porter films.
• The Hall of Fame receives 6 new members: Udo Kier, Christopher Lee, Mads Mikkelson, River Phoenix and Eleanor Bron. The inductee in the non-human category: Dancing (along with montage of Season 2 dancing scenes)
• For the first time ever, Craig and Matt sit on the couch together and summarize the film.
• The third instance of someone shouting “Ladri Di Biciclette!” on seeing a bicycle.
• Stu makes another appearance (speaking French).
• Craig dredges up bad memories of watching The Red Balloon in Catholic school.
• Matt retires the old notebooks they have been using for season 1 and 2.
• Craig goes on and on about the jump cuts of Breathless, forcing Matt the editor to reduce his ramblings to a series of jump cuts.
• New Year’s resolution challenges are thrown down: Craig has to watch The Deer Hunter (in January of 2014), Matt has to watch the director’s cut of Gates of Heaven.

Seen It:
Paths of Glory
Breathless (A Bout de Souffle)
Dead Man
Citizen Kane

Closing Credits:
Matt interrupts Craig on camera. Craig disparages dance scenes in silent movies. Matt and Tona smooch.
Ernesto Stinger: “Ici Ballon!” (followed by gunshots)

17 Responses to “Season 2 Episode Guide”

  1. Luke Coyle

    Love your shows. Keep up the great work.

  2. Al

    Have you seen sixth sense best movie ever

  3. David Shinault

    I hope Matt isn’t well acquainted with the films of Paul Verhoeven. A Showgirls or Starship Troopers episode would be great.

  4. David Shinault
  5. David Shinault

    How about El Topo or The Holy Mountain

  6. Gee

    Hi guys, just wanted to say that I love the show and was wondering if you’d seen ‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’ Interested to hear your take on that whole business!

  7. Jack Tierney

    I was just wondering have you seen American pshyco with Christian bale. the ending is amazing but is he dreaming all of the murders he does.

  8. Mike Cronis

    I would ask that you -not- watch Richard Adams’ “Plague Dogs” as it’s more of a downer than the psychologically damaging film “Requiem for a Dream”. It took me only a year to shake-off “Requiem” but 5 years to be un-scarred from “Plague Dogs”. Similar to “Watership Down” which seems “tame” by comparison by the same author.

    • Richard Wicks

      I agree.

      I’ve offered to send them a DVD, as well as a USB stick with it, since there are 2 versions. That film was released with a G rating in the United States.

      And guys, if you want to take me up on the offer, I’m still willing to send you both. Getting the unedited version is nearly IMPOSSIBLE at this point. But I have it.

      The unedited versions was only releases as far as I know in Australia, but I have it as an AVI file as well. It took me YEARS to get that. It’s on the level of Grave of the Fireflies of screwing with your sensibilities.

  9. Samuel Lysell

    Hey, Craig and Mattrick P. Sloan, love the show. I was wondering if you have watched the 1969 classic spy film “Where Eagles Dare”, starring Richard Burton, Mary Ure and everyone’s favorite squinter Clint Eastwood. It has a very good story which took me several years to figure out…

  10. Paul Broadstone

    Hey Matt n Craig,
    My wife and I loved every show and are looking forward to the next installments!
    Here is a few foreign movies for ya 2 (only to be watched with subtitles please and if you haven’t already SEEN IT):
    The old school Yakuza romp starring altered cheeks actor Joe Shishido “Youth of the Beast” by Seijun Suzuki. –
    Since you loved early Marx Bros. please check out “Le million” by Rene Clair. –
    One of the best over the top Chinese action endings has to be “Dragon Inn” (1992) directed by Raymond Lee among others and starring Donnie Yen. –
    “Dinner Game” by Francis Veber adapted from his own play shows why Hollywood gets remakes from foreign cinemas wrong nearly every time.-
    Finally, for a great riffing time “Reptilian” (2000) Shim Hyung Rae (that is of course if you haven’t already SEEN IT)

  11. edgar mcbaher

    Did you notice “Bedazzled” and “Swing Time” are both listed as episode 22 on this list?

    Thanks for the movie reviews! You guys are great!

  12. Ricki

    Hey guys love the show, and you’ve broadened my cinematic horizons to things I’d not normally watch so thanks! Have you guys seen pitch perfect with Anna Kendrick? Not a film I’d ordinarily watch but even as a dude I actually quite enjoyed it.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  13. Andrew Hoppe

    Hey, I just wanted to say that I really enjoy the show!

    If you guys haven’t seen it, you should watch David Lynch’s Dune. It’s one of those films that remains one of my favorites in spite of its peculiarities and sometimes just outright poor quality.

    Another good one might be Amadeus, or perhaps the Director’s Cut of Kingdom of Heaven.

  14. Nathan Haynes

    I have noticed that you guys have never mentioned any Clint Eastwood movies. (I could be mistaken) If you have not watched any I would highly suggest that you watch my all time favorite film. The Outlaw Josey Wales.

  15. Shawn Gross

    seen it? Michael Shannon at his weird best.

  16. Jon King

    Hey guys! Loved your Akira episode. I would love to see some more anime on the show. Speaking of which, have you seen the film “Paprika?” It was directed by Satoshi Kon (“Tokyo Godfathers”) and is a pretty funky little head trip, dealing with the intersection of dreams and reality.

    Also, after watching your Akira episode, I think you should dedicate an episode or two to revisits — movies that Matt has seen, but maybe only once and/or a long time ago. Checking out a movie for a second time, especially after a long period of time, is always an interesting process. It can arguably be as transformative an experience as seeing something for the first time.

    Keep on keepin’ on, fellas!


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