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WelcomeToTheBasement_TitleScreenMatt catches up on his movie to-do list and Craig’s along for the ride. They watch ‘em, they crack wise, they review ‘em. In a very nice basement.

This is a show about movies, featuring Matt Sloan and Craig Johnson of Chad Vader and Blame Society Productions fame. Matt and Craig watch a diverse plethora of movies from the cinematic past – from the Hollywood mainstream to the weirdest cult movies — and discuss them. Craig never knows what the movies are ahead of time, so it’s always a surprise.

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    does craig have a fb page? i am clueless on how to even search on google never mind facebook

  2. Mike Cronis

    Always brilliant, insightful, and above all, respectful to the genre reviewed, giving good comments and honor to each film reviewed. A legend in the making, snubs mid-’70s Siskel and Egbert’s best efforts with more heart and integrity than anything commercial. A must watch series, Welcome to the Basement is excellent on all counts.

    • William Murphy

      You guys create great content.
      Also, have you seen “The Raid: Redemption”

  3. robert myers

    Great stuff. Are you guys doing this under SAG’s New Media?? If so, I’m an actor/comic who would love to appear on one of your episodes. Please get back to me. Thanks.

  4. BobbertDobbster

    Love the show. Are you doing a Season 2 wrap party? Also, how many shows are left in Season 2? Lastly, will there be a Season 3?

    Again, love the eclectic choices, the concise, funny reviews, the wit while watching, Ernesto, I want my opera!, and the commentary. Also, seen it is fun because it’s like – um, yes, great…but, seen it!

    Have you seen Happy, Matilda, Grand Canyon, Short Cuts?

  5. Tony Izzo

    Love the show, guys. Very insightful and informative not to mention entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  6. Daveroswell

    I really never thought about it before, but Armageddon is basically a “star stuffed” movie: it just seems casting shoved as many stars in this thing as possible. I watched your take on this film, and you touched on how the film is affected by the “star stuffing” effect: the characters seem to be mostly the actors being themselves, lending to no real unique bonding or character development.

  7. Meat Paddy

    I just want to say that you guys make me excited for movies. Past few year my interest in movies has been waning, Thank you for rekindling my love of moving pictures.

    Meat Paddy

  8. Mathieu Thompson

    Hi guys, I really enjoy the show, you are fantastic, intelligent, funny, knowledgeable and just the right amouint of quirky to make this a delight everytime.

    I will get around to the paypal contribution at some point but you might be interested in the Patreon model (www.patreon.com). I’ve endorsed some other content producers on there and think it’s something that you might benefit from.

    I’m not a spam-bot, just a fan who wants to help.

    Keep up the great work, I’m really looking forward to Sci-Fi month (I’m rooting for Gattacca and Starship Troopers) and Craig hosting!


  9. Felzoid

    I vote for ‘Dark Star’ for sci-fi month. Saw it when I was a kid, don’t recall much but remember it being very entertaining.

  10. Mike

    Always enjoy the show…for me it is very educational with the relationships between directors and producers and the films they made.

    I am very disappointed that I missed the SciFi survey. I would have put in Forbidden Planet. Late 50s SciFi film that worked very hard to push the limits of special effects technology of the time…and a classic story line. I would assume that both of you have seen it…but if not, put it on your list…I watch it about once a month…

  11. Andrea M

    I have weird taste in films. Even if a story is not perfectly executed, I wish movies would be more adventurous. Some examples: Eating Raoul, Waking Ned Devine, Ma vie en rose, The Watcher in the Woods and Lady Hawk.

  12. Brendan

    Log time fan. So long I remember watching this when it was just Matt and his cat talking about his record collection. At the risk of offending the ladies out there, I have to say that Ernesto is cuter than Craig, but Craig brings a certain something that the cat just doesn’t have. Like speech for one. Anyway, I love the show. It is far better than anything on television, and I’m not just saying that because its true. I’m saying that so you guys will listen to my “Seen It” suggestions. First off is my still favorite movie “Fresh”. Aside from that my only other suggestion is that the next time you do a genre pick, you throw Sports movies in the mix. I do not believe you have ever done one. And by “sports movie” I don’t mean some romantic comedy with a sports setting like Bull Durham (although I wouldn’t be remiss if you threw Slap Shot in the mix). I mean a sports movie about sports! Like Eight Men Out, Friday Night Lights, or Miracle. Again, thanks Matt and Craig and the rest of your crew (and even Ernesto) for the great show!

  13. T.A. Epley

    T.a. Epley

    I just wanted to bring attention to Matt’s featured album. Every episode Mr. Sloan features an album on prominent display next to a lazy Susan full of booze. It can be seen over Craig’s right shoulder during the opening and closing talking heads segments. I just wanted to commend Matt on his choices. I’ve noticed the Modern Lovers’ eponymous Debut, “Meat is Murder” by The Smiths, and Love’s “Forever Changes” among many other great LP’s. Maybe in an upcoming episode he could acknowledge this phenomenon. I’d love to get a run-down on albums to date or just a quick shout out on an episode-by-episode basis. WELL DONE MY SON!

  14. Roger

    Have you guys seen Francois Truffaut’s The 400 blows? I’d love to see an episode on that

  15. Pierro

    Have either of you seen The Perverts Guide to Cinema? If you love film, psychoanalysis and critical thinking you would most certainly enjoy it.

  16. Bayonettafanboi

    Hey, guys. I’ve been watching your shows for a while now and I wanted to know if either of you have seen “Behind The Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon”? It was released in 2006 and was referenced in the film Hatchet.
    It’s one of my favorite movies in recent years and you guys might have some fun with it..

  17. Kirby and Josh

    You guys are the GREATEST! Thanks for bringing the magic back into movies!

  18. jef

    Hey guys I recently started watching the show and I wanted to see if ya’ll have seen 2 movies. I use to be neighbors with the director in dallas who directed, edited, filmed, starred.and produced the score. “Primer” and “Upstream color”!! Highly recommend them and wanted your opinion on them.

  19. lawrence carpin

    you guys are the best. cant believe i’ve not heard of you before until now..could you please review a movie called “bunny and the bull”

  20. David Corzo

    Love your show (I have seen every episode since day one) & recently got my wife hooked on you guys by introducing her to your Wuthering Heights episode (now I can not get the laptop back from her cause she is watching all your episodes).

    By the way have you seen The Ghastly Love of Johnny X good little movie that I place right in between a Rocky Horror Picture Show & Little Shop of Horror’s in my mind.

  21. edgar the teddy bear

    thanks again for the great show, you guys are doing a fantastic job! I have a quick question- I noticed that Matt and Aaron have wikipedia pages, but Craig does not! isn’t it about time he fixed that? also, salmon heads are delicious.

  22. Marc W

    Howdy, I’ve been watching you guys since chad vader first popped up and have loved this series forever. You guys watch alot of the same movies as me and have helped me become more aware of symbolisms and things in movies. With that said have you ever seen A Band Called Death? Its a documentary about a black punk band from detroit in the early 70s. I think matt would like it, he’s got a vinyl collection therefor is a music nerd

  23. Marc W

    p.s. donated a couple bucks cuz i only had 3 left, enjoy my dollars!

  24. Lorne Falconer

    I have been watching your show since the beginning and I enjoy every episode, regardless of the quality of film as the banter is mostly hilarious. I write this now because I remember you included a segment about the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman. I ask, as a longtime fan of your show, that you don’t let the passing of Robin Williams go unremarked. I have grown up watching his work and it would mean allot to me if you acknowledge his work and his gift to the world on your show.

  25. T DeAnna

    Love the show. PLEASE watch Dead Man – Jim Jarmusch ( Johnny Depp), Also by JJ – Ghost Dog. I would love to hear your commentary about these movies.

  26. A Living Moviefreak

    New guy, yet long time fan here. I just want give a big shoutout to you guys, and tell how much I freaking love this show. It’s always such a great experience sharing the different emotions, such as the laughter, the agony and the passion through out the movies. Keep up the good work.

  27. gwen

    Hi guys!
    So here we are watching your most recent show and loving it as always. Our daughter got us hooked on this shortly after you started and it is our family’s favorite thing to do. It has been fun to revisit with some of the old movies with our daughter, both the ones you play or talk about on seen it. We are always trying to think of some obscure flick from the past and when you talked about Fantasia, it reminded me of a movie with a similar name but far removed from Disney. Phantasm. Remember freaking out to it in college.
    Gwen,Shelby and Misty

  28. Amy Viehweg

    For your Halloween Special or when you are feeling the need to be scared. Have you the film: Pontypool – A film that takes place in Canada. A radio host is locked in his booth closed off from the world with only the voices from callers to inform him of the horror going on just right out side the building in the small town. It really plays upon your imaginations ability to create such horrific images.

    Love the show and Have a beautiful October!

  29. kari reavis

    hey you guys… i think this might be too late but you guys should absolutely watch “The Abominable Dr. Phibes”… if you’ve already watched it, talk about it on “seen it”! i remembered my 8th grade history teacher showed us this but i didn’t know why… anyway i would like to see what you guys think about it so i can have a better preference on it before i watch it again.

  30. ED Sanchez


  31. Tom Byrne

    Hey!! This show is great !!! I’ll PAYPAL when my screenplay is sold =)

    Have you seen “The Lonely Lady” featuring Pia Zadora?
    And, or, more importantly, the original version of “The Stepfather”
    Oh and “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”?

  32. Spencer Wilson

    Hey there guys. I love the show and have seen every episode. Have you seen Sergei Eisenstein’s cinematic masterpiece “Ivan the Terrible”? Its a 2 part series ommissioned in 1944 by none other than Joseph Stalin. The film portrays the life of 16th century Tsar: Ivan Grozny. Obviously Stalin was using the film to make a thinly veiled reference to himself. Like many Soviet films of the Stalin era, despite the intrinsic State idolatry, the film remains a monument to cinema and a truly breathtaking work of art. You just have to sit through the film and stomach the Stalinist pablum to get to it.

  33. Joel

    Hey guys. Donated some money. Wish you fortune and glory.

  34. Joel

    Also, have you seen it: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The plot was a bit disjointed but I thought Kilmer and RDJ were great together in it.

  35. MrCrarnyfex (Max)

    Hi Matt and Craig,
    Have you ever watched a movie and never knew its name, then you found it out then watched it again and found “Finally i found you”! This was the case with me and the movie “Lifeforce”! I personally think the Movie is great! Did you watch it? Dit you Like It?

    greetings from Germany! Weiterhin viel Spass beim Filme schauen!

  36. frank grimes

    you guys analyze so many seemingly forgotten classics, have you ever thought about watching a couple of underground movies? specifically the Kuchar brothers or Kenneth Anger (Scorpio Rising, Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome)? i say a couple, since they are all pretty short.

    also i think you guys can benefit from Small Apartments. beautiful and sad.

    you guys are great, hope to see you read this next month, as i have little else to look forward to.

  37. J. Nathan Fulk

    If you guys haven’t seen it, you should watch “Cannibal: the Musical” I remember the first time I watched it. I was laughing through the entire thing. Plus, you have never watched a Matt Stone and Trey Parker film, which i think are all hilarious.

  38. Keith Fredrickson

    I would like to see an episode where you watch any of the (Budd Spencer- Terrence Hill) movies. They call me Trinity, They still call me Trinity, Super Cops. They were HUGE in the 70′s. Thank you. :)

  39. Steve in Ohio

    Hey guys, love the show. I just donated 50 big ones in honor of my brother’s 50th birthday. Please wish Tyler in Stow a Happy Birthday, with a Megaforce thumb-kiss. Thanks!

  40. Nestornajwa

    Hey, guys. I really enjoy your show and look forward to every new installment. But could you say something about the album covers featured behind Craig? Not every show features a cover and I can’t identify all of them, but they always seem to relate to the movie you’re watching, even if I haven’t figured out all the connections. So does Craig get to see the cover before he tries to guess the movie? Sometimes the cover clue is subtle (“Some Girls” for “The Bigamist”; “Revolver” for “Dial M For Murder”) and sometimes they are very much “on the nose” (“The Basement Tapes” for “Masked & Anonymous”; “Bark at the Moon” for “The Wolf Man”). And there are some covers that I can’t figure out. “Sticky Fingers” for “Fritz the Cat”? “Ghost In the Machine” for “Starship Troopers”? “Aja” for “Help”? “Live Rust” for “The Wicker Man” — and why the live album and not “Rust Never Sleeps,” or is that part of the clue? I can’t say I like all of the albums you’ve chosen, but I respect your choices — except one. That would be Boston’s first record (bland) for “Akira”? Otherwise, you’ve got a nice blend of punk, classic rock and other genres. I look forward to the cover selection almost as much as the film and I keep hoping to see some vintage Kinks or Zappa. I have become a little obsessed with this (you may have figured that out already). Any further information would be deeply appreciated. Thank you, and all the best to both of you and your families.

    • Craig Johnson

      [Sorry for the delayed response]
      Matt would be better at answering this one, but since I’m here…
      Most of the time I see the album cover before the filming. There are times that Matt has Tona put the album in place after I am sitting down because it would be too much of a clue (as he did for the Basement Tapes), and I’m not allowed to turn around or look at the monitor until after the Reveal. Usually, when I do I inform Matt that I would never have guessed (as with the Rick James album behind me for “Dungeons & Dragons”). Sometimes it is really obvious so its best that I couldn’t see it. The Nichols and May album for Elaine May’s “Ishtar” It was female director month, so it couldn’t be Nichols; May only directed so many movies; Matt had already seen “Mikey and Nicky;” etc, until I would inevitably gotten to “Ishtar.”

      As for odd matches, sometimes the album might tie into a theme for the show not the movie itself. This is the case of the Boston album for “AKIRA.” It was sci-fi July, so a UFO was on the nose for the theme, but far afield for the movie. I chose that one. I have to take it from Matt’s collection and I don’t know if he has any Japanese albums, and I couldn’t ask because that would have been a big red flag.

      Some I don’t get. Aja for “Help” (which in hindsight would have been more appropriate for “AKIRA”). In the early days, I think Matt was just showing off his collection. So, assume that if you can’t figure it out: Matt is showing off his collection.

      As for the quality of the Boston album. Let’s agree to disagree. But, that guy’s voice is crazy good.

      Thanks for writing–

  41. pip

    Have you ever seen

  42. Dave Glenn

    Given the wide range of WttB’s film selections, I would like to suggest you screen a movie with Deanna Durbin. She was one of the most commercially successful actresses in the 1930s and 40s who then left the business completely at the age of 27. An opera-class singer, her style resonated with those who appreciated, or aspired to appreciate, the classical music then in the mainstream. Her genre was mostly light romantic comedy, although she had a couple of noir-type appearances. For the show, I would suggest one of the comedies she made opposite Charles Laughton: It Started with Eve or Because of Him. Other solid picks include His Butler’s Sister, Mad About Music, and Something in the Wind. She was a fascinating example of the excellence that could be achieved by the studio system during Hollywood’s Golden Age.

  43. Michael davila

    Hey have you guys seen either
    Murder by death,
    Midnight madness (1980) Michael j fox’s 1st movie
    Or alice in Wonderland (1966) with Peter sellers, John gielgud, and an uncredited eric idle in the caucus race scene. I think, the best version of that story on film. Very surreal. I think midnight madness would make a more entertaining episode.
    Thanks! love you guys.

  44. Ed

    Hello WTTB!
    I noticed Craig was wearing a Death Records t-shirt in the Dungeons and Dragons review. Where did he get it? Did he made it to order?

  45. Cameron Rapp

    This show is my absolute favorite. Thank you all for all the work you do, and for being so fair in your movie judgments. I look forward to every episode. Have you guys seen Joe Dirt? It’s one of my favorite movies and since the sequel is coming out what better time to discuss it.

  46. Julie Marie Howey

    Have you guys seen Buried(2010) with Ryan Reynolds? It’s a very jarring bottle movie that plays with your emotions and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

  47. Ben

    Great show guys, thank you for the content. I always throw out Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human to anyone who asks, just a thought.

  48. James

    Cool site. One of the my favorite movies is “Kind Hearts and Coronets” from Ealing Studios, a British movie from the 40s in which Alec Guinness plays a number of different parts. Dark comedy based (rather loosely) upon a novel entitled Israel Rank. Very important: watch the British version with the original ending. They changed the ending for the US audience. A great movie and one of my top five of all time. And I’m a movie buff.

    One more suggestion, on a completely different level is “Gas Pump Girls” from the late 70s or early 80s featuring Kirsten something-or-other who was the girl in Friday 13th (part 2?) that everyone remembers . . .

  49. Dustin

    Have you seen Logan’s Run?

  50. Benoit

    Have you seen A Town Called Panic? It didn’t get much recognition in the states but is a very original and I believe great movie.

  51. Benoit

    Have you seen the French animated film A Town Called Panic? It is very original and I believe pretty good. Take a look.

  52. Ralph

    Matt, you’ve mentioned your dad’s love of westerns in the past and your own appreciation of Dan Duryea. Have you seen the Jimmy Stewart western Winchester ’73 (1950), which also stars Dan Duryea? It’s pretty dark for a Jimmy Stewart film.

    If you want a war film suggestion for the show, how about Sahara (1943)? It’s a Bogart film about a tank crew cut off from the rest of the army. They pick up other allied stragglers and make a stand at a well in the desert at the beginning of the US’s involvement in the war.

  53. Stafford Huyler
    • Regent St Claire

      Brainstorm – luvs me sum David Patrick Kelly! Demon Seed – Garrett Graham sat at my kitchen table several years ago and regaled me with awesome stories about making Phantom Of The Paradise and Demon Seed! 200 Motels – my kingdom for that last tab of acid! And Outland – Q: “What about your men?” Connery: “My men? My men are sh*t!” Love love love the show, BTW!

  54. Rick

    Wasn’t quite sure where to ask you guys this, but have you ever watched the 1981 documentary “Vernon Florida” by Errol Morris? I feel like anyone who is a fan of movies like “Best In Show” or “True Stories” would find some hilarity in this quirky documentary about a small town in the Florida Panhandle filled to the brim with strange and quirky people.

    • Rick

      Oh sorry, I forgot to ask about the other movie I was going to mention, the 1972 version of “Bartleby” starring Paul Scofield and directed by Anthony Friedman. I remember watching this the first time in the 10th grade and it being one of the first movies to have a truly profound emotional effect on me after seeing it. I would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on both of these movies if you’ve already seen them!

  55. Joel R

    Have you guys seen All Through the Night? It’s a film-noir/comedy staring Humphrey Bogart, Conrad Veidt and my favorite, Peter Lorre. I had a blast watching it and so could you.

  56. Harry

    After watching the Premium Rush episode, I wonder if you’ve seen Brick, an earlier movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or “JoGo”). It’s a cool high-school noir directed by Rian Johnson, who is now directing Star Wars Episode VIII.

  57. Victor the Gopher

    You like weird, you like disturbing, you like foreign, don’t read about it just watch this movie, 13 (Tzameti) from 2005. It left a scar in my brain that has not healed 10 years later. I knew very little about it before I watched it and left me forever changed.
    Look it up IMDB. Cover it in SEEN IT or on a full episode if possible. Thanks for the hard work and great shows…

  58. Rhen_the_Liongirl

    Have you two seen Van Helsing? It’s my favorite movie of ALL TIME! It’s epic, amazing, and dark at the same time. It has a nice plot line that everything fits together perfectly and everything makes since. The characters are awesome and they chose the right cast members to fit the bill. My favorite is Frankenstein and who knew Oklahoma!’s Tony Award winner Shuler Henlsey could play a monster that I can feel sorry for and his preformce reflected on my real life troubles. If you seen it please tell me who are your favorite characters or if you haven’t I HIGHLY recommend it because your in for a ride of your life! Please do an episode on it before the remake of it comes out!

  59. Nicole Foster

    Have you two seen the cult classic Two Lane Blacktop? It stars Dennis Wilson and James Taylor as two drag racers who travel to California.

  60. Ellery Esquire

    I’d really like to hear your thoughts on a couple films, Southern comfort (1981), Brick ( a personal favorite), and Hard Ticket to Hawaii ( an Andy sidaris b-movie).

  61. Mark Tresidder

    Greetings from Swansea in the UK. Have you guys seen Crimson Peak yet? For me it was a breath of fresh air, nice to see the old Gothic tradition come out strong even in 2015. One of Del Toro’s best films in years and it almost felt like going back to the days of Hammer. You guys are awesome! Keep up the amazing work! (Enjoy the donation! :D )

  62. Bazooka Universe

    Hey guys I was wondering if either of you have seen Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock. I watched it in my French class and it was the first Alfred Hitchcock movie I had seen. What are your thoughts on it?

  63. Sam Hertenstein

    My boyfriend had me sit down last month and watch an episode of Welcome to the Basement and I’ve been obsessed ever since! Have you guys ever seen Yellowbeard (1983)? It’s a bit insane and definitely not for everyone, but if it’s for you it’s one of the funniest and most quotable movies ever made. It’s one of the first movies I remember watching (talk about seeing a movie WAYYYYY too young!) and am curious if you guys have seen it. Keep being amazing guys, thanks for all the hard work for our entertainment!!

  64. Victor Mas

    I’d love it if you could review one of my favorite movies as a kid, Mio in the Land of Faraway with Christopher Lee and a 13-year-old Christian Bale. Watching this movie again as an adult is painful, but oh, the memories.

    • Victor Mas

      I really hope they come out with a remake, because it’s actually a good story.

  65. Steve Anderson

    Hi guys, love your show.
    Have you ever seen “Joe”, starring Peter Boyle?
    Boyle’s character was the model used for the character of Archie Bunker and
    Boyle said he would never kill anyone in a scene again because of the way audiences cheered the end of the movie.
    I think this was Susan Sarandon’s first credited role but I am not sure of that.
    You guys are great, Steve.
    P.S. Chad Vader is the funniest series of ALL TIME!

  66. Richard

    Hello guys.
    Have you seen the movie Splice?
    I just loved the way it made me care about the characters, feel happy and forget that i was watching a horror movie, until it all went downhill.

  67. Claire
  68. Madelynn Mackenzie

    I know it’s not quite fit for “Seen It”, but I have to ask, have either you read Stephen King’s “The Shining”? You’ve talked about the Kubrick’s interpretation several times and would like to know what you thought of the original story. Personally, I loved it, although I think reading it before seeing the film was a mistake, as I didn’t find scary so much as intriguing.

    • Madelynn Mackenzie

      *didn’t find it (the Kubrick film) scary, so much as intriguing.

  69. Lanny
  70. Jason G

    Have you seen The Search for One-eye Jimmy (1994)? It’s one of the few movies that I can say that nobody has heard of that I saw in the movie theater.

  71. Anthony Dyson

    Have you seen it!?!? Frailty with Bill Paxton and Matthew McConaughey. A very good film, one of my favorites, would love to see an episode or a seen it comment on this movie!

  72. Emilia H

    Firstly, thank you for your brilliant shows, they are the highlight of my week!

    I currently work in an academic library which caters to Film Studies students and one of the main advantages of this is that processing the DVDs is a great source for inspiration for films to add to my To Watch-list. Recently we had an influx of films by Japanese director Takashi Miike and I thought that one of his seemingly delightfully weird films would be suitable if you haven’t grown tired of Japanese films! For instance, The Happiness of the Katakuris looks very intriguing.

  73. Julia N

    Just recently started watching your show and I love it! I was wondering if you’ve seen the film ‘This Is England’ (Dir. Shane Meadows). It’s a great film that explores the grittiness of working class Northern England during the Thatcher years in the 80s and the rise of the British Nationalist Party, a part of British history that is often over-looked! (Also in a similar vain there is ‘The Selfish Giant’, which came out a couple of years ago, which I highly recommend!)

  74. Jeremy Roberts

    Hey guys! Just started watching the show regularly, my brother watches the show everyday and therefore now I do! Just wanted to know if you have seen the movie The Court Jester with Danny Kaye? I have seen this movie so many times I cant count and it is one of my favorite movies and would love to see what you think (or see you guys watch it if you havent)

  75. Charles Simoneau

    Greetings form Canada! Have you guys seen Centurion by Neil Marshall? I like how it use the legend of the Ninth Roman Legion, though I can’t say is a prefect movie. PS, try to say my name correctly.

  76. Foster R.

    Have you seen it? Redline (2009) directed by Takeshi Koike. I never considered myself an avid anime watcher but after seeing this movie it had my adrenaline pumping and left me stunned by the quality of its animation. The best way to describe it is an intergalactic Death Race 2000 on speed.

  77. Karol Bartos

    Hey guys, i’ve been watching your show from the very beginning but just now decided to send you a message. I would really like you to watch (not necessarily on the show because it’s pretty long film) “Potop” (“The Deluge”) from 1974. It’s great war/romance/adventure film based on polish novel from XIX century, with great fictional and real characters, authentic costumes and weapons, big battles and very acquiring story taking place during the swedish deluge (It was called the deluge because the Swedes in a very short period of time occupied practically the whole of the Commonwealth, it was a flood as water destroys everything on the way so the Swedes were destroying everything. Sorry, i’m a bit of a history nut.) I hope you will pick it up and let me know if you liked it.
    Best wishes from Poland.

    • Craig Johnson

      I have never heard of Potop, but it sounds fascinating. Of course, at 5 hours, 15 minutes, it’s a bit long for the show, and it might be a little hard to track down in this part of the world, but if I find it and a few spare hours at the same time, I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks for the tip.

  78. James P

    I was wondering if you have ever seen the Clint Eastwood movie ‘The Gauntlet’?. It’s pretty ridiculous but something about the mid-afternoon lighting of the movie has stuck in my mind since.

  79. pdshiff

    What size donation is needed for a requested “Welcome To The Basement” episode? I have a forgotten gem of a film from the early 80s that I think you gents would love and I am willing to pay a reasonable price to listen to your opinions on it. Thanks, love the show.

    • pdshiff

      And I forgot to mention Nicholas Cage is in it. Not “Vampire’s Kiss” Or the bees.

      • pdshiff

        And Peter Gabriel did the soundtrack as well. Resistance is futile.

  80. Lori Mitzel

    I watched a very intriguing German movie a few weeks ago called “Look Who’s Back” (currently on Netflix). The plot is Hitler comes back to the present. People think he’s an impersonator. It’ s kinda like Borat- real people and their reactions are the most interesting part of the movie. Parts are chilling. I highly recommend it if you like movies with a political/social aspect.

    • T.A. Epley

      Although there may be an unscripted element to the film, I just thought I would point out that “Look Who’s Back” is based on the controversial German novel of the same name. In this way it differs from the shock-jock type of film such as Borat or Bad Grandpa. The elements of the film that come directly from the screenplay were, for me, the reason to watch the film. Either way, it’s a very smart story with very profound implications.

  81. Julia N

    Was wondering if you guys have seen Spike Jonze’s ‘Where The Wild Things Are’? It’s a beautiful (very underrated!) film and the only movie that makes me cry every time I watch it. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    (Also have you seen ‘Midnight Special’ with the one and only Michael Shannon?!.)

  82. Jenn

    Thanks for the show, guys!

    Also, have you seen “Quills” with Geoffrey Rush?

    In light of the gross popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” more needs to be said about non-pornographic “feel good” movies. Quills is mine. If you’re willing to share yours, please do.

    (Doubt it. Considering Craig was squeamish enough revealing what movie makes him cry nevermind what turns him on.) Keep up the good work!

    Love, Jenn

    P.S. I have a crush on Matt; his charisma slays me every time. If you read this on the show please do not look at the camera, I’ll melt.

  83. Mike Cronis

    Michael Shannon in “Take Shelter” (2011) was such a tiny film but his breakdown-performance scene is the most convincing since Doris Day’s in Alfred Hitchcock’s remake of his own film, “The Man Who Knew Too Much” (1956). Michael Shannon is truly amazing.

  84. Colby Nelson-Betz

    Just saw “The Indian Runner”, directed by Sean Penn, starring Viggo Mortensen and loosely based on the Bruce Springsteen song “Highway patrolman”. had very high expectations going in and they were met completely. Its a very good hidden gem of a film that I highly reccomend

  85. Steve

    Hey guys, stumbled on your youtube searching for Lost Highway analysis after finally seeing it. Your videos are a great surprise, witty, intelligent, unique. I’ve been binge watching and will try to come up with a clever gift to send you guys. Keep up the great work. You’re one of the best things on youtube.

    • Craig Johnson

      Well, thank you kindly. I hope you also found Matt’s bonus analysis of Lost Highway which isn’t featured on this site. It’s called “More Lost Highway” on youtube. I would like to add something to support his analysis regarding purposely half-formed characters: When P. Arquette stays home from Pullman’s show at the beginning of the movie she says she is reading “A Book.” Not Madame Bovary or Twilight or Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but “a book.” It’s “Pirandello’s One Character in Search of Reading Material.”

  86. Alec

    Hey guys. I was just wondering if there is a size limit to your P.O. Box


  87. julia linnea

    Have you guys seen The Horse’s mouth? It has Alec Guinness (who also wrote the screenplay) and it’s a really good film who people rarely mention.

  88. Dan Billington

    Have you seen ‘Withnail and I’? Very funny but with a melancholy, elegiac tone.

    • Craig Johnson

      You have to go pretty far back, but we discuss that in episode 5: Paint Your Wagon. It is only appropriate we discuss W&I with that movie, because it is the only episode we legitimately (and unintentionally) got drunk during filming. Withnail would approve.

  89. Graham

    Hi guys. Love the show. Thank you for pronouncing “Regina” correctly in your last unboxing episode. I was down in PA for business a couple of years ago and drove all the way back to Regina when I was done. It took me three days of hard driving but I have to say I loved driving through Wisconsin. It was beautiful. All the best.

  90. Anthony

    I’m trying to find that episode with the movie recommendations for someone who’s not sure what to do with their life. Do you know which one it was? I’ve re-watched all seasons but I keep missing it.

  91. dustin from olympia


  92. Dan C

    Have you seen Inland empire? For the first few minutes the standard definition video threw me off but then the movie really engrossed me. I’d like to know if you can recommend any other movies with strange camera choices which are worth seeing.

  93. Joshua Advincula

    Hey guys! I’ve been watching your show since I was in middle school and now a sophomore in High School I’ve really taken notice on how you guys talk about the show and movies you watch. Just wanted to say I love what you guys are doing. The show is entertaining and funny to watch with your witty comments whenever you guys are watching the movies and it always brightens up my day. Keep on doing what you are doing!

    Also I have a couple of movies that you may or may of not have seen.
    The first one is called The Stuff. It was made in 1985, Directed by Larry Cohen and watched it out of curiosity.
    The other is Pleasantville in 1998 with Toby Maguire. I just watched it when my World History teacher mentioned it in one of our lessons and I thought it was a delightful movie.

  94. Noah

    Hey guys, have you seen A Beautiful Mind? I really found it a fascinating movie and Russel Crowe is really good in it.

  95. Spencer Hensley

    I recently watched a show where Matt said his dad liked Westerns. Matt what is your take on Westerns, and have you seen my personal favorite western the 1989 six hour miniseries “Lonesome Dove?” If so, what is your opinion of it?

  96. Michael C

    Hey Guys I really love your show, and truly appreciate the amount of wonderful films you have exposed me to. One of my personal favorite episodes being The Holy Mountain, I would love to see more surreal movies/psychedelic movies. So my main question is “Have you seen Un Chien Andalou, and if you have, what are your thoughts on it?” This is a movie that I have recently discovered after doing some in depth research Salvador Dali himself and I would like to hear your thoughts

  97. Manny

    Hey guys, have you seen the 1980 movie “Up the Academy” ?

  98. Patrick

    Hi Matt and Craig,

    I’ve seen every episode and really appreciate your witty and insightful commentary! I beg you to watch and review Yor The Hunter From The Future which shines with a brilliant performance by Mr. Reb Brown. Bask in its majesty and share your thoughts with we the basement dwellers…please!

  99. m.r. kitty

    Hey guys! My wife and I recently discovered your show and are hooked.

    I want to know if either of you have seen Johnny Stecchino (written and directed and starring Roberto Benigni). When I was a teenager I worked in a local video store chain, which sucked, but was somewhat redeemed by the fact that I was introduced to this ridiculous movie.

    My wife would like to know if you all have seen Teen Witch, from 1989. It’s got that tiny lady from Poltergeist in it as well as a musical rap(?) interlude, “Top That!” which is often the punchline to our inside jokes.

  100. Ed Eastwood

    Hey guys! I have a burning question for you. A few seasons ago Craig brought up Heaven’s Gate, which Matt seemed extremely hesitant to watch! I don’t remember if Craig had seen it, so I gotta ask. Heaven’s Gate: Seen it? P.S. I own the Criterion collection version, and I enjoyed it immensely.

    If you have seen it, then what about a second chance with Biutiful! Probably the most depressing movie I have ever seen; I actually sat on the edge of my bed and experienced some kind of depression afterwards. Still a good movie, one of my favorites! Seen it?

    • Craig Johnson

      Craig here: we did watch Heaven’s Gate. It was discussed during one of our year end shows. I think the last show of the year in Season 3. Maybe Season 4. To sum up my feelings on it is that it is alternately fascinating and mind-numbingly dull, and the story isn’t the best told so some things don’t make sense. Still, I could watch the roller skating sequence on a loop for hours, or the horse chase across the Tetons when they gun down the railroad station man. But, man, did that movie need an editor, both in script and in post-production. I would have to say that I am in agreement with critic David Thompson who called the movie “a wounded monster” and as anyone who has seen a bullfight will tell you (or a cockfight, considering the subject) a wounded monster is hard to look away from. I have no regrets in watching it, though, and I recommend all film lovers take an afternoon out of their life to watch it, but no one else.


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