Logan’s Run

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logans_runRun, Runner! Run over to the ol’ leather couch, that is, to check out the Sci-fi classic Logan’s Run, our second entry in Sci-fi July. It is the only way to find sanctuary.
In Seen It, we discuss Indian trains, slapstick dictators and stories that are true.

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  1. LaNicotine Lincoln

    Hay gents
    Greetings from my cell. (not my phone)
    I don’t know if watching obscure movies is a thing now days but Here are 2 you may put on a list;
    Space man 1998.. The greatest movie ever made …for under $885.00
    A boy and his dog . The great post apocalyptic movie from 1975… Who would you choose, the last hottie on Earth or your dog?


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