Season 6 Episode Guide

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Episode 117: The Italian Job

Cold Open:
My Neighbor Totoro makes an appearance (Matt’s final gift to Craig from last season)
Craig makes a very special announcement

Police badge (Lake Delton, WI)

Craig’s Background LP:
Louis Prima “The Wildest”

Show Notes
• The cold open features a never before seen outtake from the Logan’s Run episode (#105) where Craig drops a bombshell on Matt
• The new season features new opening credits. The show goes back to its original tagline “Watching Movies Since 2012”
• Matt fills in the eye of the Daruma Doll (a gift from a viewer) to encourage the boys to finish the season
• Craig and Matt perform a spoken word rendition of the lyric-less Benny Hill theme song
• The second appearance of WTTB alumnus Michael Caine (first is Episode #90 “Alfie”)
• “Nice job.” “Italian job.”
• The Myth of Sisyphus is invoked to describe the ending of the movie
• Craig remembers hazardous Chilean roads
• Craig solves the riddle of how to get the gold off the bus
• The guys condemn computer programmers as “perverted nerds”
• A few Kinks songs are discussed
• “Set-piece exhaustion”
• Matt calculates what 4 million dollars of 1969 money would be worth today ($26,158,801.09)
• In tribute to the ending of the Italian Job, the discussion is ended abruptly
• Matt and Craig have a disagreement on the acting abilities of Bryan Cranston and the performance as Edward G. Robinson by Michael Stuhlbarg in Trumbo. And about Trumbo in general.

Seen It
Swiss Army Man
The Odd Couple
Rogue One

Closing Credits:
Craig gets down to the movie’s signature song. Matt mis-identifies it.

Ernesto Stinger:
“My toilet was broken into.”

Episode 118: Pride and Prejudice

Cold Open:
Oscar Nominations 2017
Fences in depth, Academy biases, Streep vs. Hepburn, etc.

Cocktail napkin sketchbook

Craig’s Background LP:
ABC “The Lexicon of Love”

Show Notes
• Matt threatens to burn down his house and all the surrounding houses in the name of Viola Davis
• We continue our six-year tradition of watching a romantic movie for our Valentine’s Day episode
• Laurence Olivier makes a second appearance on our show (and second V-day appearance). Edmund Gwenn makes his third.
• “Faster…Faster!”
• Matt impersonates Chief Wiggam and Vyvian Basterd
• “You know what they got when they’re doing a gavotte.”
• Craig dubs John Gielgud the greatest actor of the 20th century
• Craig makes an important distinction between the Knightly Pride and Prejudice and the Nightly Pride and Prejudice
• Matt identifies his favorite Bennett sister: the nerdy Mary
• Matt and Craig reminisce about the extravagance of Funyuns

Seen It
(Oscars Edition)
La La Land
Manchester By The Sea

Closing Credits:
Jane Austen’s Mad Magazine

Ernesto Stinger:
(Bird noises)

Episode 119: Mr. Sardonicus

Cold Open:
“100% accurate” Oscars Predictions
Craig demonstrates his uncanny ability to remain completely motionless

Ball & Cup game

Craig’s Background LP:
David Bowie “Aladdin Sane”

Show Notes
• The month of March will be “A Salute to B-movies”
• The origin of the term “B-movie” is discussed
• Matt and Craig mention two of their favorite B-movies: Curse of the Cat People and Strangler of the Swamp
• Craig demonstrates his skill with Ball & Cup. He also uses it to bully Matt.
• “Flaster! Flaster!” (in honor of Mr. Sardonicus sound man James Z. Flaster)
• An early scene inspires renditions of a few selections from They Might Be Giants’ “Fingertips”
• Matt once again quotes Monty Python and the Holy Grail: “Not to enter the room even if you come and get him” and the Happy Mondays: “You’re twisting my melon!”
• Matt has printed out facsimiles of the original “punishment polls” handed out to theatergoers back in 1961. Matt votes “thumbs down,” Craig votes “thumbs up”
• Matt likes soundstage fog; Craig dislike’s William Castle’s “goony” face. Craig doubts the veracity of “that smug bastard” director William Castle’s “Punishment Poll.”

Seen It
(More Oscars)
Captain Fantastic
Hell or High Water

Closing Credits:
Craig is menaced by Cecil the cat

Ernesto Stinger:
“The old ones know that ghouls exist…”

Episode 120: The Valley of Gwangi

Cold Open:
Craig’s favorite President movies
The unmade Chester Arthur Biopic

Dinosaur figurine

Craig’s Background LP:
T-Rex “The Slider”

Show Notes
• The second in “A Salute to B-movies”
• Matt initially mispronounces “Gwangi” with a hard second “g”
• Craig is unimpressed with the subtlety of the background LP
• The first film on this show to feature the work of Ray Harryhausen
• Matt continually disparages “friggin sellouts”
• Craig dislikes raisins in baked goods
• Once again a character asks another “are you my Pop-pop?”
• Craig refers to a dinosaur as a “little bird”
• A megaphone is lost multiple times
• Gwangi is revealed to be a Jim Morrison fan as he is “the original lizard king”
• Matt draws parallels between current political developments and plot points in 13 Assassins
• Over the past few decades, Tom Hanks and Alec Baldwin have switched places comedically and dramatically

Seen It
13 Assassins
Hunt For The Wilderpeople
Still Alice
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

Closing Credits:
Tuck and Lope

Ernesto Stinger:

Episode 121: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Cold Open:
Star Wars “Fanservice”
The Star Wars kitchen drama “Shields”

Replacement letter opener

Craig’s Background LP:
10CC “Bloody Tourists”

Show Notes
• Craig pronounces the word “Admiral” as “admirable”
• Graphic designer Wayne Dorrington provides a movie poster for our Star Wars kitchen-sink drama “Shields”
• The third and final installment of March’s “A salute to B-movies.” The DVD was provided by a viewer via the PO Box.
• Matt introduces the movie during his recent vacation to Maui
• The movie was provided by a viewer as part of the “Guns, Girls and G-strings” video collection
• The letter opener replaces one that was given to him by a famous actress and that he broke on the previous Unboxing episode
• Bromilow: [n.] a bromance with Barry Manilow.
• Craig keeps a running count of how many bare breasts appear in the movie
• “Looks like the sun’s out again today. So the guns out are again today…”
• Craig and Matt both bumble over the final summary of the movie. Craig shows his boobs.
• This film is dubbed the most bonkers movie on the show since Tough Guys Don’t Dance
• Matt recalls a bad community theater production of Noises Off
• Matt hates improv warm-ups
• Matt challenges Craig to bring him a movie that celebrates the year of his birth: 1973

Seen It
Theme: “Show Biz”
The Player
In a Lonely Place
Noises Off
Don’t Think Twice

Closing Credits:
Craig rambles

Ernesto Stinger:
“Thank you, my man!”

Episode 122: The Three Musketeers

Cold Open:
Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”
The magic of cinema and the magic of Jack Horkheimer

Plastic cocktail swords (and a bottle of wine)

Craig’s Background LP:
Chuck Berry “The Great Twenty-eight”

Show Notes
• The background LP is in memoriam of Chuck Berry’s recent passing
• Craig has chosen a movie from 1973 (the year of Matt’s birth) in celebration of his recent birthday
• Matt has three guesses as to what he thinks the movie is – all beginning with the same two letters: Papillon, Paper Moon or Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
• Craig mangles the Kit-Kat jingle
• The first swashbuckler film on the show
• The movie features Hall-of-famer Christopher Lee and WTTB alums Michael York, Raquel Welch, Roy Kinnear and director Richard Lester
• Matt challenges Cecil the cat to a duel twice
• “Faster! Faster!”
• Michael York finally wins Matt and Craig’s respect
• Craig reveals his favorite candy bar: Three Musketeers
• “Diamond studs for your diamond buds”
• A viewer comment brings up Matt’s age-old animosity against Eddie Money
• Matt doubts that Russell Crowe would put on weight for a movie like The Nice Guys. He did.
• Craig reveals the reason why he doesn’t work out

Seen It
The Nice Guys
The VVitch
Green Room
Hacksaw Ridge

Closing Credits:
Matt challenges Cecil to another duel, but doesn’t have the heart to follow through

Ernesto Stinger:
(D’Artagnan scream)

Episode 123: The Prisoner of Shark Island

Cold Open:
Willy Wonka re-evaluated
The sinister bureaucracy of the chocolate factory

Rubber toy shark

Craig’s Background LP:
Neil Young “On the Beach”

Show Notes
• Craig is given three guesses to determine which “Hollywood legend” directed this movie. He guesses wrong.
• The first movie on the show directed by John Ford. Matt picked this movie because of all Ford’s films this one had the weirdest title.
• Craig reveals his dislike for the “laconic” Gary Cooper
• Craig utters the mysterious sentence, “They’re living their doctor country and country doctor wife.” He also refers to Lincoln as “Nixon” at one point.
• The mention of the word “sedative” prompts Matt to do the “Sedagive!” bit from Young Frankenstein
• Craig reveals the true meaning of the military song “Taps”
• Matt saw the Lincoln assassination scene when he was a young boy and thought that it was documentary footage
• Stu makes a brief appearance during Customer Comments
• Groundhog Day is discussed for a second time on the show. Matt vaguely remembers this and Craig compares his sense of déjà vu to the plot of the movie
• Matt improvises an appropriately surreal song about David Lynch
• Matt unveils his Werner Herzog impersonation

Seen It
(Theme: Animals)
Groundhog Day
The Elephant Man
Grizzly Man
Un Chien Andalou

Closing Credits:
Craig makes even worse director guesses

Ernesto Stinger:
“Sic Semper Tyrannis!”

Episode 124: Corvette Summer

Cold Open:
Cecil the cat update
Common phrases that have been co-opted by movies

Mini Three Musketeers candy bars (Craig’s favorite candy)

Craig’s Background LP:
Talking Heads “Stop Making Sense” (in tribute to the recently departed Jonathan Demme)

Show Notes
• Matt reveals the theme for May: Summer
• Too much of Matt’s brain is taken up by memories of The Nanny. Craig knows all three “wait-resses” at Mel’s Diner.
• “The Couch Test” is introduced: jokes that aren’t understood on the couch don’t get into the show. Matt continually fails it throughout the show.
• Two different renditions of “Lowrider” are heard
• Craig sings a little bit of a Sundays song
• Matt impersonates Fran Drescher, Luke Skywalker, Annie Potts
• “Chekhov’s Love Gun,” “Ladri di Biccicleta” and “Faster, Faster.”
• Matt embarrasses Craig in front of his mother, making the bit not pass the “desk test”
• “Anyone who doesn’t like this movie because there are female Ghostbusters can go to hell. You are an idiot.”
• Craig coins the term “Akroydy” to describe someone who acts like Dan Akroyd like, for example, Dan Akroyd
• Craig recalls a fond Karaoke memory
• Craig’s son, Lorenzo the concerned baby makes his first appearance on the show (along with his “2005 hip-hop jacket”)

Seen It
(Theme: At The Theater)
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Inglourious Basterds
Ghostbusters (2016)

Closing Credits:
Pre-coital sound effects

Ernesto Stinger:
“Boy are you stupid!”

Episode 125: Zabriskie Point

Cold Open:
An early draft of The Empire Strikes Back
Darth Vader’s pet gargoyles

Trivia Trivia Entertainment: A Challenging Adult Game

Craig’s Background LP:
The Go-Gos “Vacation”

Show Notes
• Upon finding out the movie, Craig calls Matt a “bastard”
• The second “appearance” of Sam Shepard (he co-wrote the screenplay)
• “Pell-Mell into Fascism” – Matt’s 1985 hardcore album
• The spoiler alert is used during the Quadrophenia discussion
• Matt announces the return of Cartoon June

Seen It
(Theme: Music)
Sing Street
Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years

Closing Credits:
Craig is very passionate about the purpose of jokes

Ernesto Stinger:
“That’s the point! Nothing’s terrible!”

Episode 126: Paprika

Cold Open:
“Ackroydiness” and “Keatonocity” (Dan Ackroyd and Michael Keaton)
President Sam Elliott

Dancin’ Homer Simpson plush toy

Craig’s Background LP:
Living Colour “Vivid”

Show Notes
• Beer and Board Games fans will recognize “the shirt”
• Matt busts out a surprisingly competent Homer Simpson impersonation
• Matt does an unintentional plug for Seen It during the movie (Help, I’m a Fish)
• The Talking Heads song “Radiohead” is referenced multiple times because of the “Radio Club”
• Matt and Craig stage their own “nightmare parade” with various toys from around the basement
• Craig makes the Inception/Scrooge McDuck connection
• Craig hypothesizes that Inception is a sequel to a movie that has never been made
• Craig quotes Richard Brautigan
• “There will be no final thoughts on Paprika. Just more thoughts.”
• Craig briefly transforms into a Japanese cat
• “Jacques Tati is comedy for people who don’t like to laugh”

Seen It
Theme: “Fanimation” (Animated DVDs sent by viewers)
Help, I’m a Fish!
The Illusionist
Little Nemo in Slumberland
Flaklypa Grand Prix

Closing Credits:
Matt evokes a Ramones Song about psychotherapy

Ernesto Stinger:
“Now I am truly grand!”

Episode 127: Yellow Submarine

Cold Open:
Flip-books: a child’s introduction to animation
Craig’s brother the genius

Coin-sorting piano bank

Craig’s Background LP:
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers “Damn the Torpedoes”

Show Notes
• Craig calls the song “All Together Now” a “walking talking Wes Anderson film”
• In describing the denizens of Pepperland, Matt and Craig invoke Radiohead’s “Fitter Happier”
• Craig hates the “blonde, blown-back” hairstyle of the 1980s
• Matt sets up Sci-fi July for the next episode

Seen It
Theme: “Cartoons”
Duck Soup
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Closing Credits:
The Beatles mumble

Ernesto Stinger:
“What’s the matter fellas? Blue Meanies?”

Episode 128: Cube

Cold Open:
On Amy Adams (Craig is a fan, Matt is not)
Craig has a Guardians of the Galaxy revelation

Classical art Rubik’s Cube

Craig’s Background LP:
Thom Yorke “Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes”

Show Notes
• Matt plugs Seen It during the cold open
• The first episode of Sci-fi July (featuring the sci-fi show theme and graphics)
• Our second film from Canadian filmmaker Vincenzo Natali
• Matt shouts out Tough Guys Don’t Dance with a timely “Oh god! Oh man!”
• “Watching it a second time makes everything congeal more, but it doesn’t reveal more”
• Craig dubs Cube “the greatest work of existential cinema ever”
• Craig finally burns Matt with the line “not a fan of music?” by quoting a Magnetic Fields lyric
• Craig reveals his paranoia about the Canadian military industrial complex and their cube technology
• Craig demonstrates his “lexicon” by misusing the word “portcullis”
• Matt reveals a familial connection that Tona has to Little Big Man
• Craig makes a prediction that someday Matt will tell him the movie beforehand, which kind of comes true in the next episode

Seen It
Little Big Man
Nocturnal Animals
Grey Gardens

Closing Credits:
Craig recalls the various tortures of the Cube and then does a magic trick with his foot

Ernesto Stinger:
“Kazan…my man!”

Episode 129: Barbarella

Cold Open:
James Baldwin: American Hero
A shared dislike of Gary Cooper

Rocket Patrol pinball game

Craig’s Background LP:
Duran Duran “Rio”

Show Notes
• The second installment in “Sci-fi July”
• Matt chooses an obvious clue to his movie choice in the background lp
• Matt fails to introduce the movie successfully and needs to do a take 2
• The guys re-use a quip from way back in episode 2, in reference to Professor Ping
• Tona contributes a “Peter Pants-less” joke that ends up in the episode. Matt credits her.
• Matt slightly re-vamps the format of the show. Customer comments and Seen It now switch places.
• Craig unwittingly does a perfect Jaimie Lannister impersonation when he says “what anachronisms are in there?”
• Matt tells the story of the ghost who stole his Long Goodbye Blu-ray
• Matt recalls Sophia Coppola’s disastrous acting performance in Godfather III. Craig hopes that Jar Jar Binks eventually has a successful directing career

Seen It
(Theme: Anachronism)
The Princess Bride
The Long Goodbye
Shanghai Noon
Marie Antoinette

Closing Credits:
Craig and Matt try to engage in a little “experimentation.” It doesn’t happen.

Ernesto Stinger:

Episode 130: Big Trouble in Little China

Cold Open:
On Miles Teller (Craig is a fan, Matt is not)
And Jonah Hill

Home-made Ouija Board

Craig’s Background LP:
Husker Du “Zen Arcade”

Show Notes
• The first episode of “A Look Back in August” (where we look back to previous episodes for inspiration
• Our second film by director John Carpenter
• Matt cites sibling rebellion as the reason he never saw Big Trouble back in the day. Craig cites the same reason for why he didn’t get into Sonic Youth.
• Craig gets to re-affirm his love of actor James Hong
• Tona created Craig’s gift way back in the day
• Matt once again references Mr. Ping and his ping-pong party from episode 2.
• Matt brings up “the poo-poo water” and “women be shopping” again
• We discuss the most successful child star turned adult star (the answer is Ron Howard)
• Matt uses a little editing magic to give Craig “lightning fingers”
• All Seen It’s were sent to us by a fan on old VHS tapes
• We discuss Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid and The Duellists for a second time
• Matt claims to have figured out the biggest factor that goes into the Oscar for best picture: Zeitgeist
• Craig tells the story of a girlfriend who fainted while watching Interview With the Vampire. He doubts that was the cause.

Seen It
(Theme: VHS)
Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
The Duellists
The Sting
Interview With the Vampire

Closing Credits:
Margo writes a bad Penthouse Forum letter

Ernesto Stinger:

Episode 131: Valley of the Dolls

Cold Open:
Craig interviews John Waters
Craig is scolded by John Waters

Valley of the Dolls Soundtrack LP

Craig’s Background LP:
David Bowie “Pin-ups”

Show Notes
• The first episode of “A look back in August.” Matt chose the movie because it was the inspiration for season 4’s “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.”
• Matt’s dream rap album: Valley of the Dollas
• Various historical figures dip water buckets
• Craig Johnson makes an appearance in the movie, twice. Senator John Kerry also shows up as a waiter.
• Craig tickles himself to death with mobile humor and Alexander Calder mentions
• “Neely has a bad ghost”
• Craig objects to the way pills are consumed in this movie
• Matt quotes They Might Be Giants’ “Particle Man” and REM’s “Don’t Go Back to Rockville”
• Matt throws a Neely O’Hara-esque tantrum and walks off the set, only to return a few seconds later
• Matt claims that some of the Seen Its have been hanging around for as long as five years
• Matt sings the Midnight Madness theme song
• Matt does his Walter Matthau impersonation. Craig counters with a Jackie-Earle Haily impersonation.
• Matt recounts his misadventures as an old Cub Scout
• Matt makes an important distinction between opinions and facts
• Matt eulogizes the late David Rappaport
• Matt thanks the viewers for comments regarding the passing of Ernesto

Seen It
(Theme: The 80s Cable Roundup)
Midnight Madness
Bad News Bears
The Bride
The Untouchables

Closing Credits:
Tony Polar pleads for roommates

Ernesto Stinger:
“The whole world loves me!”

Episode 132: BMX Bandits

Cold Open:
Matt’s Reboot of The Matrix

Wooden top

Craig’s Background LP:
AC/DC “For Those About to Rock”

Show Notes
• Our first Australian movie
• This is Nicole Kidman’s first film
• “BM-Experts…”
• Matt attempts a Michael Caine impersonation with some success
• Craig blows the lid off of “the black kids market” and the “masturbation bucket list”
• Matt re-defines “Nile-ism”
• BMX Bandits dusts off the classic “wino doesn’t believe his eyes and swears off the sauce” bit
• Craig and Matt perform a rendition of “A Message to You, Rudy” by The Specials
• Craig determines that reckless walkie-talkie use will jump-start the Mad Max Apocalypse
• The Australian word for “mattress” is “sleepy-rester”
• Bonus Seen It: Zootopia

Seen It
(Theme: “Chained Movies”)
Night on Earth
Shutter Island

Closing Credits:
Craig unleashes a “wave” of puns

Ernesto Stinger:
“Are you questioning my judgement?”

Episode 133: The Wild One

Cold Open:
Craig’s night on Broadway: The Last Night of Ballyhoo
Craig demonstrates the savvy of a legendary Disney exec

Death’s Door gin flask

Craig’s Background LP:
The Ramones “The Ramones”

Show Notes
• Matt recalls the previous episode. He wants the BMX bikes to go “Faster! Faster!”
• Matt pronounces it “motor-sickle,” not yet realizing that the bikers in the movie call them “sickles”
• The second appearance of Lee Marvin on the show
• Matt promises and delivers a bad Marlon Brando impersonation
• Matt once again quotes Plan 9 From Outer Space: “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!”
• Clancy Brown: the scariest actor “ever created by human birth”

Seen It
(Theme: Craig Hasn’t Seen It)
The Jazz Singer (1927)
Bad Boys
The Four Musketeers

Closing Credits:
A Phillip Glass-esque biker fugue

Ernesto Stinger:
“I love you, Johnny!”

Episode 134: The Rocketeer

Cold Open:
Which of the movies we’ve watched this year would make a good musical?
Marty! Barbarella! And Roar: The Anti Lion King

Radiotelephone procedure pamphlet

Craig’s Background LP:
Wings “At the Speed of Sound”

Show Notes
• Matt reveals that the theme for September is “Faster! Faster!”
• This was another movie on teenage Matt’s 1991 movie list
• Matt references Alan Arkin “meeting Gestapo tactics” (from Glengarry Glen Ross) multiple times
• Against all odds, a thumb kiss appears in this movie
• “Banned From the Lot” (sung to the tune of “Band on the Run”)
• Craig comes up with some alternate names for the Rocketeer, such as “Fiery Back” and “The Missile Lad”
• Matt and Craig come up with multiple ideas for a more WC Fields-centric plot
• Chekhov’s gum
• The presence of Beeman’s gum prompts a shout out to the late Sam Shepard
• Matt promotes the upcoming Talking Buster Keaton podcast (on which Matt and Craig are guests in an episode)

Seen It
(Theme: Mailbox – fan submitted DVDs)
Johnny Got His Gun
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Closing Credits:
Jenny reveals her inner kinkiness

Ernesto Stinger:
“Hand over ze rocket!”

Episode 135: The Mummy

Cold Open:
Matt introduces the newest basement cat: Sadie
The death (?) of Andy Kaufman

3 monster postage stamp pins

Craig’s Background LP:
Iron Maiden “Powerslave”

Show Notes
• The first scary movie of October (with appropriate theme music and title screen)
• “Sno-Fro” – popular Blacksploitation hero
• Sadie makes her first appearance on the show and on the couch
• Craig reveals some facts about famous cannibal Alferd Packer
• Craig re-examines Eraserhead in the light of his new fatherhood
• “You’re a weird one…Mr. Lynch!”

Seen It
(Theme: “Non-traditional Horror”)
Cannibal: The Musical
The World’s End

Closing Credits:
Baby Lorenzo meets baby Sadie

Ernesto Stinger:

Episode 136: The Omen

Cold Open:
Halloween costumes

Pumpkin Carving Kit

Craig’s Background LP:
Van Halen “1984”

Show Notes
• Craig and Matt reveal their Halloween costumes: Jack Burton (Big Trouble in Little China) and the doofus on the beach (Hard Ticket to Hawaii)
• Craig briefly fears that his older brother is lurking around upstairs
• The terrifying (and potentially relaxing) fear of buttons
• Our second scary movie for the month of October
• The long-awaited (five years) return of Gregory Peck to the show
• Matt mistakenly reports that composer Jerry Goldsmith did not attend the Oscar ceremony for his oscar-winning score. This would be corrected in a later episode.
• The phrases “buh-buh-buh” (and variants) makes many appearances in this episode
• “Faster!…Faster!…” makes yet another appearance
• Craig tells the story of when his father met “a” Gregory Peck
• Craig’s mother shares a bit of teacher wisdom: boys named Korey and Damien are trouble
• Matt accidentally invents a new insult: “a face for horror”
• Craig has a treasure map on his head
• The VVitch is discussed in Seen It for a second time. This time, Matt has seen it.

Seen It
(Theme: Horror)
The Fearless Vampire Killers
The VVitch

Closing Credits:
An Omen-inspired fugue

Ernesto Stinger:
(Dog growling)

Episode 137: Shampoo

Cold Open:
Matt dreams of little Lorenzo’s future
Autodidactism and Academia

Souvenir penny album

Craig’s Background LP:

Show Notes
• “Tautologically true!”
• Matt chooses the movie based on one of the many movie people that died in 2016: Carrie Fisher
• Matt’s intro to the movie becomes “accidental poetry”
• Warren Beatty, Lee Grant and William Castle make a return appearance on the show
• Matt and Craig imagine a hairdressing-centric version of Fiddler on the Roof
• “Get me the smashed penny album…ALL THE SMASHED PENNY ALBUMS!”
• Craig tells a story about Ken Kesey
• Craig played E.K. Hornbeck in a high school production of Inherit the Wind

Seen It
(Theme: Seen It, Read It)
Captain’s Courageous
One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest
Inherit the Wind

Closing Credits:
Bathroom semantics

Ernesto Stinger:
“You asshole!”

Episode 138: Desperately Seeking Susan

Cold Open:
Matt “Hamiltonizes” the 1890s literary scene
Nick Offerman as Grover Cleveland

Mini Virgin Mary

Craig’s Background LP:
Led Zeppelin “Physical Graffiti”

Show Notes
• Matt has decided to let Craig choose the movie. His choice pays tribute to yet another 20th century musical icon: Madonna.
• Craig quotes the Jerky Boys
• Matt talks of his complicated relationship with Kristen Stewart and the reciprocal relationship between Akira Kurosawa and Hollywood

Seen It
The Runaways
The Seven Samurai
Gangs of New York
McCabe and Mr. Miller

Closing Credits:
John Turturro tells a bad joke. Matt tells a weird joke.

Ernesto Stinger:
“Take a valium like a normal person!”

Episode 139: Krampus

Cold Open:
“The Movie Disease” (Matt’s preferred way to die)
Craig implies that Matt will turn into Walter White

Soda can nativity

Craig’s Background LP:
John Denver and The Muppets “A Christmas Together”

Show Notes
• This is the Christmas Episode of season 6, with appropriate music and title screen
• Krampus costars the famous “Wilhelm Scream”
• “The Menstrual Krampus”
• Matt reveals that in high school he received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award
• Matt does a Krampus-themed rendition of “Up On The Housetop”
• Craig references poet Steven Jesse Bernstein and dubs it his most obscure reference yet
• “Somewhere south of the North Pole…”
• For the first time ever, Matt sincerely slow claps for the ending of a movie
• Matt and Craig have a somewhat heated disagreement about the movie
• From the famous “O Brother, Where Art Thou” soundtrack, Craig prefers “Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby” to “O Death” as a lullaby for his child
• It is agreed that Matt is not Ricardo Montalban
• Matt announces a one week delay for the end of the year episode
• Craig pronounces “scurrying” weird

Seen It
(Theme: Seen It, Own It)
O Brother, Where Art Thou
A Streetcar Named Desire

Closing Credits:
The Krampus screenwriters do a little brainstorming

Ernesto Stinger:

Episode 140: A Close Shave (short)

Cold Open:
Tucson’s legendary Loft Cinema
Eraserhead as a new dad

A wedge of Gouda cheese
Chuck Klosterman’s 50 Hypertheticals

Craig’s Background LP:
Dave Brubeck Quartet “Time Out”

Show Notes
• Season six’s extra long year end celebration, featuring a 2017 year in review montage
• Craig once again complains about having to do the show for more than one year
• Favorite movies are discussed (The Omen and Krampus), least favorites (Zabriskie Point and BMX Bandits) and Pride and Prejudice, The Rocketeer, Shampoo and Valley of the Dolls are re-discussed
• Craig picked the short film for this episode
• Matt refers to England as “a town”
• Craig temporarily forgets the word “motorcycle”
• Sadie cat makes an appearance on the couch
• Craig inadvertently makes a “lamb” pun that disappoints him
• Matt announces that the show purchased a new camera due in part to viewer donations
• Craig and Matt discuss the pros and cons of beer
• The new Hall of Fame inductees are announced (along with new “Hall of Fame” graphic): Michael York, Raquel Welch, Vincenzo Natali, The Beatles, James Hong and Gregory Peck
• There are 6 Hall of Fame inductees instead of the usual 5
• Matt reveals that there are secret annual Hall of Fame gatherings
• Matt commemorates Gregory Peck’s induction with “another little bit of Omen-inspired nonsense”
• Matt and Craig imagine Mrs. Doubtfire in Reservoir Dogs
• The guys discuss the faults of Singin’ in the Rain
• Matt finally fills in the other eye of the Daruma doll

Seen It
Mrs. Doubtfire
Steel Magnolias
The Jerk
Singin’ in the Rain

Closing Credits:
Matt and Craig dance like robots to Wallace and Gromit music

Ernesto Stinger:
(Sheep noise)