The Rocketeer

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Nazi plots got you down? Well, blast off with us into high-flying adventure with The Rocketeer. The conclusion of our “Faster! Faster!”-themed September. In Seen It, we review movies that turned up in our PO Box: a boy named Kaspar, a soldier named Johnny and a whole lot of dream-catching.




3 Responses to “The Rocketeer”

  1. Stephanie Hallberg

    Have you guys seen Hans Christian Andersen (1952) ?
    Its a beautiful movie.

  2. John

    Forgive me if this is vulgar. I denoted but I did not know how to leave a comment.
    I wanted to Ask about Green Card 1990.
    I think this movie is an overlooked work of art. It won a golden globe for best picture but it has a ‘rotten tomatoes’ score of only %56. Annie Hall created a romantic comedy boom that was so predictable and derivative by 1990 that I think it created a fog around this movie.
    Peter Weir wrote and directed. Please consider revisiting it if you’ve ‘seen it’.
    WTTB is the best independent show I’ve ever seen.
    If it comes up, please just call me John.


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