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Director Jennifer Lynch proves to be just as weird as her dad in this bizarre and twisted tale of highway mayhem. Settle down on the old leather couch, watch it with us, and find out EXACTLY what a can of soda sounds like.
In Seen It, we discuss stories of police, days of jackals and a very strange menu.



2 Responses to “Surveillance”

  1. Paul & Devan

    Two questions:

    Regarding voiceover, we all know it can ruin a movie, such as the original cut of “Blade Runner”, but I cannot imagine “Fight Club” without the use of voiceover. Are there any other movies where you feel voiceover was used as a critical element?

    I watched a recent interview with Quentin Tarantino where he discussed how Hitchcock, along with other directors, had their vision of a movie moderated by the Hays Code. We are wanting to do a study of a director who directed during and after the Hays Code and how their style changed, who would you suggest?

    • Craig Johnson

      Your second question first: Ernst Lubitsch. Design for Living and Trouble in Paradise are pre-code movies that are all about sex. And then you have his post-code movies, so many of which were also all about sex, but a little more covertly.

      As for the voiceover question, I hope to address this on the show.


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