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Episode 085 — “She” (9/25/2015_

from_hipSpoiler: From The Hip

Craig reveals that John Hurt’s character in the film talks about how he murdered someone with a hammer.







Episode 069 — “Romeo and Juliet” (2/13/2015)


Spoiler: Gone Girl

Matt reveals that Neil Patrick Harris’ character is killed at the end by Rosamund Pike.







Episode 045 — “Wuthering Heights” (2/23/14)

WolfOfWallStreetSpoiler: ‘The Wolf of Wall Street”

After Jordan is under house arrest and has gone sober, his wife decides to leave him and take their child because he is a horrible person. He goes back on drugs and there is some nasty, violent domestic abuse that happens. In retrospect, we kind of spoil ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Her’ in this episode, but did not beep them out because the endings of the movies were integral to our conversation. Sorry about that.




EPISODE 041 — “All That Jazz” (11/29/13)

Spoiler: ‘The Ice Storm’

ice_storm Craig reveals that Elijah Wood’s character dies at the end of the film. This revelation was spoiled for both Craig and Matt and it prevented Craig from finishing the film.  Marc Maron discusses the shocking ending in his recent interview with Elijah Wood on the WTF podcast, which was how Matt found out about the ending.





EPISODE 037 — “Little Caesar” (10/4/13)

Spoiler: “Observe and Report”

observe_and_report_ver4_xlg Matt reveals that Ray Liotta and Seth Rogan have “a big battle” at the end of the film. This isn’t exactly a surprise — they are building up to this throughout the movie — but still it’s something that’s best not to know going into it.







EPISODE 036 — “The Wild Angels” (9/20/13)

Spoiler: “Easy Rider”

easy_rider_xlgCraig gives away the ending of the film, where Wyatt and Billy are gunned down by rednecks. This is a spoiler that almost everyone knows, but for anyone who doesn’t, it is very shocking and unexpected. A pointless killing of two guys who really don’t deserve it.







EPISODE 034 — “Fritz The Cat” (8/23/13)

Spoiler: “Pontypool”

pontypool_xlgCraig, after saying the title of the film, starts to compulsively repeat the title as if he can’t control himself, much like the infected victims in the film. Matt then replies, “You’re not going to infect me with your language virus!”, which is the central conflict of the movie. This is a spoiler because Matt decides not to say the genre of Pontypool — a unique take on the Zombie genre.


EPISODE 031 — “Dark Star” (7/12/13)

Spoiler: “Moon”

Moon MovieIn the “Dark Star” episode, we compare Pinback’s Video Diary sequence in which a different version of Pinback claims to be “Bill Frug” to another movie. That movie is Duncan Jones’s “Moon” starring Sam Rockwell. If you’ve seen the movie, you know what we mean. If you haven’t seen the movie, just go see it. We really can’t bring ourselves to reveal the twist of the movie.






EPISODE 029 — “The Magician” (6/14/13)

Spoiler: “Pan’s Labyrinth”

PansLabCraig reveals that someone gets their cheek slashed with a razor towards the end of the film. This isn’t so much a twist as it is a shocking moment that is best left for the film to reveal: To escape her imprisonment, and probable execution, the maid Mercedes slices Captain Vidal’s cheek Joker-style. He then takes a shot of whiskey which partially dribbles out of his gash. The moment’s gore is only matched by the audience’s relief at seeing Vidal (one of the great film villains) in pain.


EPISODE 027 — “Armageddon” (4/17/13)

Spoiler: “F For Fake”

F_For_FakeCraig reveals the “twist” at the end of Orson Welles’ documentary — the fact that the story he tells about Picasso is a lie. The way Welles reveals the lie is kind of fun, so knowing that he’s telling a lie would ruin that.




EPISODE 022 — “Swing Time” (3/8/13)

Spoiler: “The Man Who Would Be King”

The_Man_Who_Would_Be_King_XLIn the scene Matt and Craig are talking about, Michael Caine and Sean Connery have just found the treasure trove that they have been searching for throughout the entire movie.  They are slack-jawed and stagger around like they can’t believe their eyes.  Sean Connery picks up a huge gem and says “Look at the size of this!”  We then see Michael Caine’s hand enter the shot, holding an impossibly huge gem — one that makes Connery’s look tiny by comparison.  It’s a key moment in the movie because it’s never clear up to this point whether the treasure even exists or not.

10 Responses to “Spoiler Dossier”

  1. moz

    I remember watching “F” Saturday mornings on HBO- back when HBO had its own receiver.. Have you seen “Too Live and Die in L.A.”? Definitely an 80’s genre, with early 70’s grit… Plus, the soundtrack… You all do a great job, and BTW, watch the show sometime with captions on … almost as funny as the last segment of B&BG- even Ernesto gets great captions…

  2. Flutter

    Hey guys have you seen the 2012 danish movie “The hunt”? I haven’t seen it yet but if you two guys have is it worth seeing?

  3. hamsterdam

    My recommendations would be either Albert and David Maysles’ 1969 Documentary, “Salesman”, a gloomy look at the world of a few traveling, door-to-door Bible Salesmen.

    On the Foreign Film tip, I’d have to go with Frederico Fellini’s “Nights of Cabiria”, though not having the fame of “8 1/2”, it is a wonderful film from the Lover of the Big Butt.

    Apologies for hitting send on first message before adding those recommendations.

    Kind Regards,

  4. Miss Yook

    I have to say I’m surprised the Pan’s Labyrinth spoiler turned out to be the cheek slicing. I’d assumed it would be the scene where Vidal smashed the farmer’s face into pulp with the wine bottle. That rattled me to the core, but it was a perfectly succinct way to establish his character as a brutal sociopath.

    Is there any chance of a Spoilers Reel? It would be a lovely bonus to take all the redacted spoiler discussion footage and release it for those who are interested.

  5. Jake Withee

    I was really glad when you guys made the Moon reference. I love that movie! I’m not sure what it is about it exactly, but that movie just really tickles my sci-fi fancy. It’s not action-packed, it’s not terribly long, it might even be a bottle movie, and it’s only got basically two characters, but it’s just a really enjoyable and unique movie to watch. The totally fantastic score by Clint Mansell doesn’t hurt, either.

  6. Deluxe Flame

    I just finished watching the cube series, Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, and Cube Zero.
    Have you seen them? I didn’t care too much for the second one, but the other two were good.

  7. gordie

    Great show.
    re: Seen It, have you guys seen How to Get Ahead in Advertising?
    I recall a fantastic office scene with a wireless phone headset. Ahead of their time.

  8. Middleshanks

    Have you guys seen “Play Dirty”, most definitely my favorite WWII movie of all time, with a great and terrible ending.

  9. Kempson

    The dossier given about “Wolf of Wall Street” doesn’t specify what Craig said in the episode.

  10. Macready Mullet

    Hey Guys! Love the show! Have you seen the move Narc? It’s one of my all time favourites and Ray Liotta and Jason Patric have, arguably never been better.


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