THX-1138 / Bottle Rocket

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We close the curtain on Season 5 by watching two early films by George Lucas and Wes Anderson. We also look back on the past year and induct 6 new Hall of Fame members. Good times. Thanks to all of our viewers for watching the show, and we’ll see you next year. In Seen It, [...]


Miracle on 34th St.

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Join us on the old leather couch for a little Christmas cheer as we finally tackle this holiday favorite. In the words of Craig Johnson “Your cockles will be muzzled” In Seen It, we discuss a few of the DVDs that viewers have sent us over the years: Featuring men who are silly, men who [...]


You Only Live Twice

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As you are still sluggishly digesting your Thanksgiving day feast, won’t you join us for a little international espionage? Drive your Aston Martin over to the old leather couch for some James Bond action and for some of the worst Sean Connery impersonations you will ever hear. In Seen It, we discuss special boys, father [...]


Bedtime For Bonzo

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Well the election is finally over, so why don’t you join us in a little light hearted escapism with Bedtime for Bonzo. Ronald Reagan sharing the big screen with a chimpanzee…what’s not to like? In Seen It, we discuss needle parks, castaways and romance of the non-false variety.



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I have only one thing to say about this movie…WITCH! Suspiria will tantalize you with eye-popping visuals and terrorize you with tension and gore. Happy Halloween. In Seen It, we discuss ghosts and goblins: you don’t want your daughter to turn into them, you don’t want to get slimed by them and you definitely don’t [...]