Car Wash

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Are you ready to get wet?  Are you ready to get DOWN?  Then join us and a cast of thousands as we watch the funky 70s comedy, Car Wash!  Wax optional. In Seen It, we discuss obvious children, fantastically fearful adults and nocturnal crawlers.


Romeo and Juliet (and Oscars)

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In fair basement, where we lay our scene, a pair of star-crossed hosts settle down on ye olde leather couch to watch the Shakespearean classic, Romeo and Juliet. Happy Valentines Day, all you lovers out there! Also, we make predictions for the 2015 Oscars. In Seen It we discuss Oscar nominated films about obsessive drummers, [...]


Rare Exports

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Come with us to the icy north country of Finland where we find out that Jolly Old Saint Nick isn’t so jolly after all. We present to you the twisted Christmas tale, Rare Exports. In Seen It we discuss movies that feature winters of all sorts, be they magical, perpetual or even nuclear.