Pumping Iron

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Watch Arnold Schwartzeneggar and Lou Ferrigno flex at each other as they compete to be the top burly man in Pumping Iron! In Seen It, we discuss books turned into movies: running men, book burning men, magnificent men and others.


Kubrick’s Fear and Desire

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Thinking he has seen all the films of Stanley Kubrick, Matt stumbles across one more. It was Kubrick’s first feature, a philosophical meditation on war called Fear and Desire. Lest you think it too cerebral, there are also shootouts, mental breakdowns and messy bowls of stew. In Seen It, we discuss the oeuvre of Mr. [...]


Pet Sematary

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You know what?  Sometimes dead IS better — especially when you’re watching the Stephen King frightfest Pet Sematary (sic).  You can also find out about the strange customs of Maine, such as friendly Maine shoulder pats, nightly chicken dinners and sour ground. In Seen It we quake with fear as we discuss paranormal activities, brief [...]


The Descent

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For our second dose of October horror, Craig picked the movie, and did he pick a doozy!  This one has it all: claustrophobia, panic, darkness and underground goblins.  Gear up for The Descent! In Seen It, we discuss true stories, big nights, and the too-short career of John Cazale.  Craig also slams The Skeleton Twins.


The Wolf Man

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The wolfbane is blooming!  The autumn moon is full!  Run!  Run like the accursed wretch you are to the ol’ leather couch because it’s time to watch The Wolf Man!  The first in our series of horror movies for the month of October. In Seen It, we discuss Guardians of the Galaxy, Guardians of American [...]