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Don’t let the dull title fool you, this one is a lot of fun. What’s standing in the way of immortality?  Why only miles of unstable glacier, murderous cave dwellers and of course, She Who Must Be Obeyed!  It’s 1935 and we’re going on an epic adventure called She. In Seen It, we discuss films [...]


Premium Rush

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Do you like thrills and adrenaline?  Do you like to RIDE?  Chances are you do, unless you’re one of those suckers who likes multiple gears and brakes on your bike.  For you daredevils out there, we present Premium Rush, featuring Welcome To The Basement hall-of-famer Michael Shannon. In Seen It, we discuss biopics: A guy [...]


Way Of The Dragon

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What do you do when the mob is threatening your restaurant? You fly in Bruce Lee from Hong Kong to kick some ass! That’s just what happens in the Kung Fu classic Way of the Dragon. In Seen It, we discuss wild hearts, tapped spines and simply being there.



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This movie has it all: smokers, mutos, a urine-purifying machine and a nice little place called Dryland.  Jump in and get wet with us as we watch Waterworld. In Seen It, we discuss other worlds: red worlds, computer worlds and worlds that eat other worlds.