Black Christmas

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“The calls are coming from INSIDE THE…” Well, I won’t spoil it for you.  It won’t just be the December chill making you shiver when you watch Black Christmas. In Seen It, we discuss brave astronauts, rebellious school kids, giant monsters and the Brothers who are named Blues.



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“What’s it all about?” Just ask Alfie, he has plenty to say on the subject. Come check out the romantic misadventures of a swinging London Casanova. “Know what I mean?” In Seen It, we discuss movies about youth: in Austin, in the 60s at camp and in the hood.


Back To The Future 2

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Fire up your Delorean!  Strap on your hoverboard!  Something something jigawatts… We’re watching Back to the Future II,  a movie that for some inexplicable reason Matt and Craig haven’t seen yet. In Seen It, we discuss Jackasses, Strangers and men with variable degrees of breakable-ness.


The Great Silence

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If you like your westerns without a lot of jibber-jabber, we give you The Great Silence, which features a character named Silence who is, you guessed it, silent!  This also features German madman Klaus Kinski.  Strap in Basement Dwellers, this one is a bumpy ride. In Seen It, we discuss flies, Hobbits, horses and the [...]