Eyes Without A Face

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In the 80s, Billy Idol taught us to live, love and about the merits of white weddings.  He also introduced us to the phrase “eyes without a face”.  But way back in 1960, filmmaker Georges Franju made a film of that same title and Matt and Craig take another trip on the ol’ leather couch [...]


The Ninth Configuration

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A giant space crucifix!  Dogs practicing Shakespeare!  Blackface!  Anything goes in the wacky world of The Ninth Configuration.  From the creator of The Exorcist comes this exploration of philosophy and insanity. In Seen It, we discuss sinful cities, final details and a masterpiece that never happened.


My Little Chickadee

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It’s time for some comedy here in the basement as we travel back to the old west — a time of sultry blonde dames and bulbous-nosed old drunks.  It’s WC Fields and Mae West in My Little Chickadee! In Seen It, we discuss Bandits, Burials and Matt does a dramatic monologue of one of his [...]



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Sci-fi July continues in the gnarly world of Neo Tokyo: rival bike gangs, psychic blue children and (of course) widespread destruction.  Will Matt and Craig survive the nuclear blast that is Akira? Seen It: On Location comes from various exotic locales.  Marvel at the grandeur of mountains, glaciers and horses as we discuss fight clubs, [...]


Mac and Me

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We kick off Sci-fi July in grand style with the infamous E.T. ripoff and feature length Coke commercial, Mac and Me.  It’s a terrible movie, but worth watching just to see that one part.  Those of you who have seen it know what i’m talking about. In Seen It, we discuss Sci-fi: Terrifying galaxies, forbidden [...]