The Girl Can’t Help It

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The old leather couch rocks and rolls like it never has before, not only to the music of Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Fats Domino, et al, but to the dangerous curves of Jayne Mansfield. This rock n roll extravaganza has it all. In Seen It, we discuss Italian adventures, slinging blades and doing the right [...]


The Cocaine Fiends

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Headache bothering you? Feeling run down and sleepy? Why I’ve got just the thing for you. I would be saying that…if I was a Cocaine Fiend! Come join us on the old leather couch as we explore the seamy underbelly of addiction. In Seen It, we pay tribute to the dearly departed Gene Wilder.



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He’s a beloved family pet, he’s a force of nature…he’s Beethoven. He turns poor George Newton’s life upside down and he makes an evil scientist want to bust a cap in his head. This dog sure gets around. In Seen It, we discuss flaming chariots, nocturnal shifts and ruinous shades of blue.



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When scientists decide to play god, things go all kinds of wrong. The result is Splice, a story of monsters and good old family values. In Seen It, Own It, we delve into Matt’s DVD collection and celebrate the work of a couple of Bills.