Panic in Year Zero!

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The bombs are dropping, folks. Don’t lose your head, or you might just succumb to Panic In Year Zero! Featuring WTTB Hall-of-famer Ray Milland and a whole lot of panic. In Seen It, we discuss coming of age in Wales, dirty deeds in the old west and a killer car that kills.


My Neighbor Totoro

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Cartoon June continues in the basement. Take a journey back to childhood with us as we pay a visit to My Neighbor Totoro. He’s cute, cuddly and surprisingly loud. In Seen It, we discuss animation — adventurers, princesses, dreamers and fireflies.


Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

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He is the night, he is vengeance…he is Batman! In this theatrical version of the animated series, The Dark Knight takes on organized crime, the mysterious Phantasm and, of course, that pesky Joker. In Seen It, Matt discusses movies that Craig has not seen. You can expect guitar-playing rock legends, cheese-eating big boys and North [...]

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The Battleship Potemkin

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Rise up, Comrades! Or sit down if you prefer as we watch this Russian classic. High seas adventure, dangerous steps, rotten meat…this one has it all. In Seen It at the Theater, we hail Caesar, reflect on a beautiful life and are very disappointed in an assassin.


Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams

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Join us for our 100th episode as we experience 8 eye-popping dreams, rendered by the master Japanese filmmaker. Thanks again to viewer Kenneth Rountree for selecting the film. In Seen It, Hate It, we bring the bile, discussing an unfunny comedy, a confusing and dull “art” movie and a Shakespearean abomination.