Phantom of the Paradise

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Sit yourself down on the ol leather couch with us as we check out Brian De Palma’s musical horror fantasy Phantom of the Paradise. In an extra-violent Seen It, we kill Bills, kill mockingbirds and Craig tears Pleasantville a new one.


Three Cases of Murder

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Murders.  Three of them.  What do you need, a roadmap?  Come and have a seat with us on the old leather couch as we watch some people get killed. In Seen It, we discuss Barflies, Ladykillers and a weird and wacky early film from a man called Soderbergh.

This will give Scooby something to be scared about

Scooby Dooby Doo, Wherefore You?

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  Daniel Hunt recently asked via Facebook, “Craig, pleeeaaase tell us why you love Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed. I’ve been wondering about that every since you brought it up in the Megaforce episode over 2 years ago.” That’s a long time to have a question, Daniel. Maybe even longer than you think. It has in fact been [...]



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Remember that great war movie from 1970?  No, not Patton, the war SATIRE from 1970.  No, not M.A.S.H., the OTHER war satire from 1970.  That’s right, Catch-22.  We watch it, and you should watch us watch it. In Seen It, we discuss right-turning apes, dog-biting men and shadow-casting vampires.



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If there’s one word that has been synonymous with “box office disaster” for the last 30 years or so, it’s “Ishtar”. Neither Matt or Craig have ever sat down and watched the thing…until now! Hop on your camel and join us, won’t you? In Seen It, we wrap up Women’s History Month with “For The [...]