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The Battleship Potemkin

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Rise up, Comrades! Or sit down if you prefer as we watch this Russian classic. High seas adventure, dangerous steps, rotten meat…this one has it all. In Seen It at the Theater, we hail Caesar, reflect on a beautiful life and are very disappointed in an assassin.


Akira Kurosawa’s Dreams

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Join us for our 100th episode as we experience 8 eye-popping dreams, rendered by the master Japanese filmmaker. Thanks again to viewer Kenneth Rountree for selecting the film. In Seen It, Hate It, we bring the bile, discussing an unfunny comedy, a confusing and dull “art” movie and a Shakespearean abomination.


Slap Shot

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If there ever was a movie that could make you spit out a tooth, this is it. Join us, along with Paul Newman and his high-sticking gang of reprobates, for the raunchy and violent Slap Shot. For Seen It, we discuss movies that were also books: tales of mice-like men, fantastic foxes and a man [...]


The Conqueror

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The story of Genghis Khan starring John “Duke” Wayne? Sign me up! We hope you’ll join us on the ol’ leather couch for this bizarre historical epic. Giddyup! In Seen It, we hop in the saddle for the 80s Cable Roundup. Get ready for sentient robots, buddy cops and righteous dudes.


Left Behind

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When your Christian friends start disappearing, you don’t have to be some sort of famous investigative journalist to realize that the rapture done happened.  Come join us as we watch Nicolas Cage and the rest of the stragglers who have been Left Behind. In Seen It, we break out the tissues for more tearjerkers: the [...]