My Little Chickadee

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It’s time for some comedy here in the basement as we travel back to the old west — a time of sultry blonde dames and bulbous-nosed old drunks.  It’s WC Fields and Mae West in My Little Chickadee! In Seen It, we discuss Bandits, Burials and Matt does a dramatic monologue of one of his [...]



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Sci-fi July continues in the gnarly world of Neo Tokyo: rival bike gangs, psychic blue children and (of course) widespread destruction.  Will Matt and Craig survive the nuclear blast that is Akira? Seen It: On Location comes from various exotic locales.  Marvel at the grandeur of mountains, glaciers and horses as we discuss fight clubs, [...]


Mac and Me

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We kick off Sci-fi July in grand style with the infamous E.T. ripoff and feature length Coke commercial, Mac and Me.  It’s a terrible movie, but worth watching just to see that one part.  Those of you who have seen it know what i’m talking about. In Seen It, we discuss Sci-fi: Terrifying galaxies, forbidden [...]


Dial M For Murder

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Matt and Craig finally take the plunge into the tense world of the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. This movie will make you want to keep a pair of scissors on your desk at all times. In Seen It, we discuss Cannonball runs, winds that are mighty and Craig’s favorite Scorcese comedy.


Miami Blues

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Matt pays tribute to an unsung filmmaking hero: George Armitage, and his 1990 film Miami Blues.  Expect a whole lotta bullets, bedlam and Baldwin. In Seen It, we discuss Mosquito-ridden coasts, alien-infested blocks and Matt goes on a rant about a critically-acclaimed recent film.