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I hate to break your “rice bowl”, but the second in our series of auteur directors is none other than David “F-ing” Mamet.  We watch his 2001 film, “Heist”. I’ll give you three guesses what it’s about.  We also discuss the plumbing skills of Dame Judi Dench. In Seen It, we discuss a man named [...]



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Our first in a series of films by auteur directors, Terrence Malick takes us on a dark drive into the heartlands with ‘Badlands’.  Craig also has a strange theory about the 80s hits of Robert Palmer.     In Seen It, we discuss German Rockers, Dark Vigilantes and journey across the galaxy and into the [...]


The Counselor

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Join us as we pay tribute to the cinema of 2013.  We congratulate the Oscar winners (kind of) and watch Ridley Scott’s mixed-bag of a movie, The Counselor.  We learn that a certain philosophical concept, in fact, has no temperature.   In Seen It, we discuss fiends, promises, and Adam Sandler’s trip to the arthouse.


Wuthering Heights

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Finish off your February by diving into some romantic tragedy with us as we watch the gothic classic Wuthering Heights.  The passion is palpable. We also talk Oscars.     In Seen It, we discuss more Oscar bait — Wall Street wolves, American hustles and melancholy monochrome portraits of the midwest.


Viva Las Vegas

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Welcome to Season 3!  We’ve got an exciting year ahead of us and we start with a bang as we watch the race car romance Viva Las Vegas.  We also bid a fond farewell to a greatly missed Philip Seymour Hoffman. In Seen It, we discuss manipulative Goblin Kings, elaborate cookie signals and the merits [...]