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He’s a beloved family pet, he’s a force of nature…he’s Beethoven. He turns poor George Newton’s life upside down and he makes an evil scientist want to bust a cap in his head. This dog sure gets around. In Seen It, we discuss flaming chariots, nocturnal shifts and ruinous shades of blue.



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When scientists decide to play god, things go all kinds of wrong. The result is Splice, a story of monsters and good old family values. In Seen It, Own It, we delve into Matt’s DVD collection and celebrate the work of a couple of Bills.


Logan’s Run

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Run, Runner! Run over to the ol’ leather couch, that is, to check out the Sci-fi classic Logan’s Run, our second entry in Sci-fi July. It is the only way to find sanctuary. In Seen It, we discuss Indian trains, slapstick dictators and stories that are true.


Panic in Year Zero!

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The bombs are dropping, folks. Don’t lose your head, or you might just succumb to Panic In Year Zero! Featuring WTTB Hall-of-famer Ray Milland and a whole lot of panic. In Seen It, we discuss coming of age in Wales, dirty deeds in the old west and a killer car that kills.