Things To Come

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War!  Dystopia!  Progress!  Utopia!  Come take a journey through an alternate history with HG Wells’ Things To Come.  It is a future filled with space guns, wandering sicknesses and fantastic headgear. In Seen It, we discuss the future, a future full of gardening robots, interstellar McConaugheys and a quaint little French town called Alphaville.


Mazes and Monsters

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Our fragile minds are pushed to the limit by the made-for-TV melodrama Mazes and Monsters. A cautionary tale about obsession and the debut of a young Mr. Tom Hanks. Beware the sacrilege! In Seen It, we explore other tales of obsession: the lust for treasure, the thirst for video game glory and a bunch of [...]


Dungeons and Dragons

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Our quest for cinematic treasure comes up empty as we watch the very disappointing Dungeons and Dragons.  But we have a good time nonetheless, especially watching Jeremy Irons ham it up as a wizard. In Seen It, we delve once again into our personal DVD libraries for “Seen It, Own it”.  We discuss Spartans, Westerns [...]


The Holy Mountain

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Do you seek enlightenment?  Confusion?  Insanity?  The Holy Mountain offers all three possibilities.  Join us on the ol leather couch as we experience the weirdness, the ugliness and the beauty of this landmark piece of Mexican cinema. In Seen It, we discuss French spies, French duellists and the world’s greatest assassin (not French).


Phantom of the Paradise

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Sit yourself down on the ol leather couch with us as we check out Brian De Palma’s musical horror fantasy Phantom of the Paradise. In an extra-violent Seen It, we kill Bills, kill mockingbirds and Craig tears Pleasantville a new one.