Season 3 Episode Guide

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Episode 044: VIVA LAS VEGAS

Cold Open Topic:
The passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman
Actors from the pre-cinema era

A jigsaw puzzle of the album cover “The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan”

Objet d’Art:
Rhinestone dollar sign necklace.

Craig’s Background LP:
Velvet Underground “Loaded.”

Show Notes:
• Matt breaks our Valentine’s Day tradition of watching a “doomed, tragic
romance.” Also broken: the tradition of giving Craig a box of
• The opening credits have new footage in it, including a picture by
Wayne Dorrington to replace the misleading “Spanish DVD Photo.”
• Matt dedicates the episode to his Mom, who loves Elvis.
• Matt and Craig contemplate the parallel universe where Stanley
Kubrick’s “Viva Las Vegas!” exists (Image courtesy of Wayne Dorrington).
• Craig fulfills his promise to Matt to finally watch “The Deer Hunter.”
He liked it.
• In the end, Matt announces that the next episode will be a doomed,
tragic romance.

Seen It:
The Deer Hunter
Walk Hard: the Dewey Cox Story

Closing Credits: Contemplating how Elvis’ years in the army affected this film.
Ernesto Stinger: “Vivaaaa Las Vegas!”

Episode 045: Wuthering Heights

Cold Open Topic:
Oscars (Gravity)
Omissions (Inside Llewyn Davis, Rush, Tom Hanks)

An application to the UK’s Bronte Society.

Objet d’Art:
Big Ben tobacco tin

Craig’s Background LP:
Joy Division’s “Closer.”

Show Notes:
• 2nd William Wyler film, 2nd film with Greg Tolland as cinematographer.
• Matt and Craig imagine the best supporting actor race being fought in
the style of “Street Fighter.”
• February’s second Valentine’s episode. A tragic romance, as promised.
• Matt – a very vocal hater of quoting Monty Python – yet again quotes Monty Python.
• Craig and Matt end the film on an operatic note.
• Matt quotes the Kate Bush song “Wuthering Heights” during the discussion.
• Craig berates Matt in the style of Olivier. Tona does nothing to help.
• The Spoiler Redacted Effect (with a horse’s neigh) hits during
discussion of “The Wolf of Wall Street.”
• Craig posits that “Her” is a crypto-horror movie.
• Craig identifies the intrinsic unlikeability of Christian Bale.

Seen It: “Oscar Bait”
Wolf of Wall Street
American Hustle

Closing Credits: Matt and Craig sing a Regency Era version of
Outcast’s “Hey Ya!”

Ernesto Stinger: “I’ll bring this house down in ruins about your head.
That’s my curse on you.”

Episode 046: The Counselor

Cold Open Topic:
Congratulating the Oscar Winners
Craig’s thinly-veiled feelings of contempt for Matt are revealed

The book “The Best Lawyer Jokes Ever.”

Objet d’Art:
fake cocaine (faux-cane?)

Craig’s Background LP:
The Replacements “Let It Be”

Show Notes:
• This episode was released after the Oscar telecast, but filmed before
it. When Matt and Craig congratulate winners, a bell or buzzer rings
to signify if our predictions were correct or incorrect.
• Matt chooses a movie from 2013 as a tribute to the year gone by.
• Michael Fassbender’s pig sty moment from “12 Years a Slave” is brought
up for a second time.
• Penelope Cruz makes her second appearance on the show (after “Masked &
Anonymous”). This is also the second Dean Norris movie, although he
doesn’t appear in any scenes in this episode.
• This movie is object lessons of both the Putney Swope Panic and a Talent Bomb.
• Ridley Scott’s next project, “You Can Sell Diamonds on Mars” is revealed.
• Matt emulates Cameron Diaz’s sexual shenanigans with the ol’ leather couch.
• Craig and Matt compare and contrast The Counselor with Jules Dassin’s Thieves Highway
• Matt, at a customer’s request, pets Ernesto in a somewhat disturbing manner.
• Matt falls asleep during the intro to Seen It due to Craig’s impersonation of Ruben Blades’ boring drug cartel kingpin in the film.
• Kinski rears his head in Seen It.
• Matt and Craig discuss the cycle of Doors fandom.
• Matt announces that the next 3 episodes will be Auteur-Themed. Matt
draws a name out of a hat to see who will be the director of the next
movie we watch. He does not inform Craig or the audience.
• Craig is so excited by the upcoming auteurs that can’t say the word
“fist” anymore, and later falls off his chair, hitting the camera and
disturbing the cat.

My Best Fiend
The Doors
Eastern Promises
Punch Drunk Love

Closing Credits: The classic Python sketch “Academy Award-Winners on a
Ernesto Stinger: “The Truth has no temperature.”

Episode 047: Badlands

Cold Open:
Craig and Matt (somewhat inexplicably) discuss the music of 80’s rock star Robert Palmer
Addicted to Love: Country Song

Spanish monkey sculpture (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil)

Oject d’Art:
Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” LP

Craig’s Background LP:
Willie Nelson “The Redheaded Stranger”

Show notes:
• The first auteur is revealed: Terrence Malick
• Matt further delays the announcement of the auteur by revealing all the names in the hat: Wilder, Bogdonavich, Coppola, Fellini, Welles, Murnau, Kurosawa, Godard, Peckinpah, Ashby, Hitchcock, Lubitsch, Mamet, Almodovar, Malick and Sirk.
• Craig reveals his “druthers” for his auteur of choice: Alfred Hitchcock (his druthers would later pay off in Episode 054.
• Matt announces the movie with lyrics from the Bruce Springsteen Song “Badlands”
• Matt spreads misinformation about the virtues of baton-twirlers
• Craig accidentally calls the mass murderer in the film “Matt” causing Matt to reveal latent murderous tendencies.
• Matt apologizes to the audience for not being able to say anything bad about Badlands.
• “Donate money, not bullets”
• Craig relates a story about “local scenesters”.
• Craig tries to guess (unsuccessfully) the next auteur. Matt doesn’t make Craig wait until the next episode, revealing that the choice is David Mamet.

Fan Art:
Chris Pollock: Wuthering Heights and The Counselor
Matthew Albanese
ViolentFrog Photo (A baby watching our show)

Seen It:
Wristcutters: A Love Story
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Galaxy Quest
The Dark Knight

Closing Credits: Kit and Holly’s very mundane first date
Ernesto Stinger: “I’ll give you a dollar you eat this collie.”

Episode 048: Heist

Cold Open:
Sam Mendes’ 25 rules for directors
Dame Judi Dench: Plumber

Wisconsin Department of Corrections cap

Oject d’Art:

Craig’s Background LP:
“Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”

Show notes:
• Matt busts out a “surprisingly adept” impersonation of Judi Dench.
• Second of the 2014 “Auteurs” series – David Mamet. Craig provides an overview of the career of Mr. Mamet.
• Heist is deemed “not a cult movie” despite its astronomical home video rental grosses.
• Craig has a huge head (literally as well as figuratively).
• The film is introduced with a bit of classic back-and-forth Mamet-esque dialogue.
• This episode features two more custom graphics from Wayne Dorrington: the little-known Lemonheads album “It’s a Shame About Pinky” and a poster from the 1929 version of The Wolf of Wall Street.
• Ernesto makes another cameo from a wicker basket.
• Matt vents his frustration about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, “moving right through Putney Swope Panic to Putney Swope Shutdown”.
• Craig vents his frustration about Baz Luhrman. “Baz Luhrman thinks we’re all idiots!”
• Matt announces that the movie for the 50th episode of the show will be chosen by a lucky member of the viewing audience.
• When drawing the auteur for the next episode, Matt draws three names and let’s Craig choose his favorite one. He chooses FW Murnau.

Seen It:
Lee Daniels’ The Butler
The Truman Show
Sullivan’s Travels
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy
The Great Gatsby

Closing Credits:
Pinky teaches his little niece about hating the Swiss.
Ernesto Stinger:
“You know why the chicken crossed the road? Because the road crossed the chicken.”

Episode 049: Sunrise

Cold Open:
All day Xanadu Binge (the movie followed by the stage musical)
The logistics of roller discos

Various sunglasses

Oject d’Art:
Golden Mixture tobacco tin

Craig’s Background LP:
Nilsson “Schmilsson”

Show notes:
• Third and last of the “auteur” series: FW Murnau. Craig provides an overview to Herr Murnau’s career.
• “I want my opera house!” makes a return appearance.
• Matt and Craig become quite enamoured with “the drunken pig” scene
• There is a rapid “sunglasses switching” bit at the top of the discussion (with the aid of a little editing magic)
• Matt cops to “bumpkinism”.
• Matt is interrupted by plumbing noises.
• Photos of “America’s Caveman” Ron Perlman are used to illustrate Craig’s “Caveman in a hotel” hypothesis.
• Craig cops to not knowing anything about Kabuki
• Matt laments his ability of not being able to come up with a concise explanation of Seen It.

Fan Art:
“One Potato a Man Eats” framed cross-stitch .

Seen It:
12 Monkeys
The Trip
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Closing Credits:
“Swamp Date”
Ernesto Stinger:
Double stinger! Ernesto makes pig noises, followed by the drunken pig making an Ernesto meow.

Episode 050: Billy Jack

Cold Open:
Craig’s vocal warm-ups
Parallel universe pop culture swaps: Firefly vs. Buffy

Matt and Craig exchange gifts. Craig gives Matt a hardcover edition of Norman Mailer’s ‘Tough Guys Don’t Dance’. Matt gives Craig a dvd box set of Mark Cousins’ ‘The Story of Film’.

Oject d’Art: Southwestern rock and feather

Craig’s Background LP:
Marvin Gaye: “What’s Goin’ On”

Show notes:
• 50th episode extravaganza. The movie was picked by a viewer.
• Craig incorrectly predicts the movie Matt will choose – Tarsem’s The Fall.
• “Life is just one big shit-brick”
• Craig and Matt compose and sing a new ballad of Billy Jack.
• Craig sullies the 50th episode by mentioning the 2003 film Crash.
• At the end of the show, they break out the champagne and Matt Craig and Tona share a toast.
• Ernesto makes a reluctant appearance and an abrupt departure.

Fan art:
Adam Lee (Anime style picture)
Thad Allen (Craig in destroyed Grand Central)

Seen It:
(50th Episode Edition)
The Killing
Brokeback Mountain
Mean Girls
The Wages of Fear

Closing Credits:
A very young woman sings an erotic song about Billy Jack.

Ernesto Stinger:
“Damn your pacifism!”

Episode 051: The Man With The Golden Arm

Cold Open:
Childhood misconceptions of moviemaking
Craig criticizes Matt’s poetic abilities

Golden Elephant

Oject d’Art:

Craig’s Background LP:
The Velvet Underground and Nico

Show notes:
• The first movie of “drug awareness month”.
• Craig does banana pantomime / Matt sings Fat Albert songs
• A clip from The Wild Angels is shown to illustrate the insidiousness of heroin.
• Matt does an off the cuff rendition of Sinatra’s “Witchcraft”
• Matt and Craig sing a jazzed-up version of The Velvet Underground’s “I’m Waiting For The Man”
• Matt uses Sinatra album covers to illustrate the dangers of drugs
• Matt imagines a version of Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ painting with old time movie addicts (Ray Milland, Frankie Machine, Reefer Madness piano player and pink elephant from Dumbo)
• Matt and Craig have a passionate argument about Bogdonavich’s What’s Up Doc.

Fan Art:
Video of Barry Bostwick endorsing the show , thumb-kissing and dreaming of Craig.

Seen It:
(Seen It, Own It)
Office Space
No Country for Old Men
What’s Up Doc

Closing Credits:
Matt sings a rendition of “My Kind of Town”
Ernesto Stinger:
“Monkey’s never dead, dealer. Monkey never dies.”

Episode 052: Altered States

Cold Open:
The Story of Film
Cocteau’s Blood of a Poet

Viewmaster (“perfectly safe, non-chemically induced hallucinations”)

Oject d’Art:
Light up monkey keychain

Craig’s Background LP:
The Zombies “Odessey and Oracle”

Show notes:
• Craig makes a scary face at Matt
• The second of the “drug” movies for the month of May.
• Matt begins the tradition of tossing the dvd case to Craig after he reveals the movie.
• The gender identification of Grover from Sesame Street is discussed.
• Craig and Matt are unable to distinguish between sheep, goats and antelope.
• Matt cracks the meaning of life (citation needed)
• Craig compares the ending to Altered States to the ending of A-ha’s “Take on Me” video. Craig does his own rendition of “Take on Me” with new lyrics.
• “A crazy flap-jack stack on which he pours the ‘syrup’ of Mexican dope.”

Fan Art
Maximillian Urban – Edward Hopper’s ‘Nighthawks’ featuring olde-timey addicts.

Seen It:
City of Lost Children
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Kind Hearts and Coronets

Closing Credits:
Matt punches Craig

Ernesto Stinger:
Mashed Potato Face scream

Episode 053: Miami Blues

Cold Open Topic:
The Seven Day Movie Challenge
Craig’s choice: Misery

Red flower print shirt (which Craig wears for the rest of the
episode under his jacket. Matt says he looks like a “bored professor”.)

Objet d’Art:
Novelty shark toy

Craig’s Background LP:
The Rolling Stones “Exile on Main Street”

Show Notes:
• Matt’s proposes the “Seven day movie challenge”-watching the same
movie for seven days straight with the hopes of having the best
understanding of the film possible.
• Matt chooses film because it is directed by the same director (George
Armitage) of his beloved “Grosse Point Blank”
• Matt talks about “The dark night of the soul” that was his mid-twenties.
• Craig sings the Knightrider theme, thinking it’s the Miami Vice theme.
• Matt identifies the cop movie trope of the “blind, black informant”.
• Craig mispronounces the word “vinegar”
• Craig and Matt react big to some severed fingers.
• Matt sings a Miami Blues parody of “Spirit in the Sky.”
• We get a donation from a Danish man named Mads, who we just assume is
Danish actor and WTTB Hall-of-Famer Mads Mikkelsen. In celebration we
play our footage of Barry Bostwick giving us a thumb kiss.
• “Keep Canada strong, keep Canada legal”
• Matt goes off on a rant about Upstream Color.

Fan Art: Garrett Wittenberg’s insertion of Matt and Craig into the
Action Comics #1 cover.

Seen It:
Howl’s Moving Castle
Attack the Block
The Mosquito Coast (w/ WTTB Hall of Famer River Phoenix)
Upstream Color

Closing Credits: “Pea Spaghetti” and the Prussian Uprising
Ernesto Stinger: “Where is the whipping cream?”

Episode 054: Dial M for Murder

Cold Open Topic:
The Heisenberg Principal of Welcome to the Basement
Matt makes thing awkward

Glow in the dark skull accessory.

Objet d’Art:

Craig’s Background LP:
The Beatles “Revolver”

Show Notes:
• Matt chooses a Hitchcock film to fulfill Craig’s wishes.
• Making his 2nd appearance in the show: Ray Milland (from “Love
Story”) and his bat.
• Our first 3-d movie (though we watched it in merely 2)
• Matt reprises his Hitchcock impersonation.
• Craig complains of early color film, and makes up a memory about
childhood trauma.
• Craig is compared to Steve Buscemi and Jeff Goldblum.
• Craig insults everyone who likes Haggis’s “Crash.”
• Craig and Matt can’t remember the names of Eugene Levy and Catherine
O’Hara’s characters in A Mighty Wind, but they can remember a bunch of
wrong names.
• Matt announces the impending sci-fi July. Craig gets the choice of “good “ “bad” and “worst” to determine which movie they will watch. Craig chooses “worst” so that he can choose the second film of Sci Fi July.

Seen It:
Cannonball Run
North by Northwest
After Hours
Short Cuts
A Mighty Wind

Closing Credits: Matt narrates for Ray Milland off screen action.
Ernesto Stinger: “A man has been killed”

Episode 55: Mac & Me

Cold Open Topic:
The Cinematic Immersion Tank.
Craig gets so excited that he can’t speak properly

Post Cards from Seattle

Objet d’Art:
The robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Craig’s Background LP:
Les Baxter “Space Escapade”

Show Notes:
• Our first episode in Sci-Fi July 2014.
• The Seven-Day Movie Challenge is shortened to five days and re-christened “The Cinema Immersion Tank”. Matt decides to take the plunge with Wes Anderson’s “Bottle Rocket”.
• Matt’s first time referring to the paypal donation button on the website as a “dingey”.
• Craig tells of the negative effects of “Jacob’s Ladder” on high school friend drama.

Seen It:
(Theme “Sci-fi)
Repo Man
Forbidden Planet
Jacob’s Ladder
Galaxy of Terror
Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Closing Credits:
Matt and Craig sing some Peter Ceterra over bad synth soundtrack music.

Ernesto Stinger:

Episode 55: AKIRA

Cold Open Topic:
Matt’s time in the Cinematic Immersion Tank (CIT)
The Tao of Bottle Rocket

A little Batman on a motorcycle

Objet d’Art:
Asian lucky cat toothpick dispenser.

Matt’s Background LP:
Boston “s/t”

Show Notes:
• Bottle Rocket holds up after repeated viewings in the CIT.
• Second film of Sci-Fi July. Opening credits have sci-fi music and title card.
• Craig hosts the show from the Big Chair.
• Craig chose Akira based on a viewer suggestion.
• For the first time ever, Matt has seen the featured movie before. He claims “It ruins the premise of the show.”
• Matt wears a Ramones t-shirt in honor of the recently deceased Tommy Ramone.
• Craig continues to insist on calling it “The big leather couch”
• Matt and Craig sing “I am Tetsuo” to the tune of REM’s (and prior to them The Clique’s) “I am Superman.”
• Seen It was filmed on Matt and Craig’s separate trips to Alaska and Colorado, 10 ft above sea level to 11,000+ ft. edited to look like they are talking together.
• Craig claims that Fight Club ruined his life
• A horse’s ass is featured.
• Craig confuses “Groove is in the Heart” with “Cantaloupe.”

Seen It: On Location
Fight Club
Last Night
9 (Animated)
The Third Man
Simon of the Desert

Closing Credits: Matt and Craig try to sing “Cantaloupe” by US3
Ernesto Stinger: “TESTUOOOOOOOO!”

Episode 56: My Little Chickadee

Cold Open Topic:
Matt’s book review of Tough Guys Don’t Dance.

An enormous lollipop (or “sucker”)

Objet d’Art:
A bottle of Laphroaig Scotch Whiskey

Craig’s Background LP:
Muddy Waters “Hard Again”

Show Notes:
• Matt says that in the book Tough Guys, our two favorite lines are never spoken.
• Matt chooses a light comedy to counterbalance the many “heavy” movies we’ve watched this year.
• There are a lot of WC Fields, a few Mae West and one Margaret Hamilton impersonations. Also Matt does his best Barry Pepper Weasly Face.
• Craig talks of an existential crisis brought on by a viewing of Fields’ “It’s a Gift.”
• Craig claims that he could have seen Elsa Lanchester nude, given a time machine.
• Matt can’t remember the title of the movie by the end, calling it “My Darling Clementine” and various other things.
• Matt does a dramatic recitation of the spoken intro to Conan the Barbarian.
• Craig and Matt are NOT drunk. Ernesto might be, though.

Seen It:
Time Bandits
Mulholland Dr.
Conan the Barbarian
The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada
School of Rock

Closing Credits: Craig and Matt fake fight for Mae West’s attention.
Ernesto Stinger: “Alcohol!”

Episode 58: The Ninth Configuration

Cold Open Topic:
Craig’s “Best Movie”

The game Cineplexity

Objet d’Art:
Weird spherical artwork.

Craig’s Background LP:
King Crimson “In the Court of the Crimson King”

Show Notes:
• Craig impersonates the Background LP.
• Matt completely stumps Craig. He has never heard of the Ninth Configuration.
• Robert Loggia makes a second appearance (after Lost Highway)
• The gift is given at the end of the episode.
• Wayne Dorrington created a new Campbell’s soup flavor for us “Chicken Noodle and Powerful Drugs,” and “Sippin’ with the Miles Davis Quintet.”
• Viewer John Michael Gariepi took us up on the 5 day movie challenge and wrote an essay on it. His chosen film was Lost In Translation.
• Matt confesses that for one of his first dates with Tona, they went to see Moulin Rouge.
• Craig impersonates Billy Zane, both impersonate Jodorowski.
• Using Cineplexity, Matt challenges Craig to choose a movie based on the two cards “A SAINT, SAMURAI OR SINGLE PARENT” and “BREAKING THE LAW.”

Fan Art: Chris Pollack’s take on My Little Chickadee.

Seen It:
Moulin Rouge
The Last Detail
Sin City
The Phantom
Jodorowsky’s Dune

Closing Credits: Craig differs with the movie’s opinion on Catholicism.
Ernesto Stinger: “Read it! Or I’ll go crazy again, I swear it!”

Episode 59: Eyes Without a Face

Cold Open Topic:
Matt’s idea for a Terminator reboot

A coyote skull (a face without eyes)

Craig’s Background LP:
Billy Joel “The Stranger”

Show Notes:
• Craig is in the Big Chair, having been given the challenge of finding a movie that involves “A Saint, a Samurai OR a Single Parent” and “Breaking the Law.” [Based off of Cineplexity game] Craig opts for “Single Parent.”
• Craig introduces the show to the Baader-Meinhoff Phenomenon.
• Craig attempts to speak French inviting the audience to watch the movie. Even in foreign languages he calls it a big leather couch.
• We catch a glimpse into the alternate universe that is “Shawshank Reloaded.”
• For the second time, they discuss “Harold and Maude” in Seen It, having forgotten that they talked about it during the Love Story episode (episode 20).
• Craig gives Matt the Cineplexity Challenge requesting “A Female Lead Character” and “Something is Built or Destroyed.”

Fan Art:
A fan essay from Zoe of Calgary.

Seen It:
The Shawshank Redemption
Harold and Maude
A Scanner Darkly
8 1/2

Closing Credits: Matt sings the Clash.
Ernesto Stinger: [Scream]

Episode 060: Flashdance

Cold Open Topic:
A few rounds of Cineplexity


Objet d’Art:
Cineplexity cards

Craig’s Background LP:
Patti Smith’s “Horses”

Show Notes:
• Craig gave Matt the Cineplexity Challenge requesting “A Female Lead Character” and “Something is Built or Destroyed.” He chooses Flashdance because a woman is building her career.
• WTTB Hall-of-famer Dancing is featured prominently in this film.
• Stu returns to reveal his sordid past as a welder.
• “Ladri di biciclette” makes a return appearance.
• “Cronenburg’s ‘Flashdance.’”
• Craig and Matt reminisce about avoiding parental guidance via cable in the 80’s.
• First time ever, a viewer sent Craig a post card which inspires us to get a p.o. box.
• Craig recants his longstanding negative opinion of his nemesis Ethan Hawke due to his performance in “Boyhood.”
• Matt announces that the three episodes of October will be horror movies. The first of which will be chosen from the publicly benched movies of years gone by (minus the ones that Matt had seen independent of the show).

Seen It: Tribute to Robin Williams (plus Boyhood)
Good Will Hunting
One Hour Photo
Dead Poets Society

Closing Credits: Craig question’s Alex’s improvisational claims.
Ernesto Stinger: “What a feeling!”

Episode 061: The Wolf Man

Cold Open Topic:
Craig’s Heathcliff costume

Healthy hippy candy

Objet d’Art:
A moon calendar

Craig’s Background LP:
Ozzy Osbourne “Bark at the Moon.”

Show Notes:
• Since October has three Fridays release dates this year, this is the first of three Halloween movies.
• Craig, thinking he is supposed to come in costume, is dressed as Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights. Matt is in his usual garb. For this embarrassment, Craig-too much in character- curses Matt and Tona.
• Craig announces his goal of watching 150 movies in 2014 (the Wolf Man is #104)
• Wayne Dorrington made a Halloween themes title card for our opening credits replete with silhouettes of bats, spiders, zombies and a noose. Craig is dressed as a vampire (with chalice) while Matt is Frankenstein’s monster. This graphic is used in next two episodes as well.
• Spooky Halloween theme is used as well (and in the next two episodes), thanks to composor Mike Rafferty.
• Movie randomly chosen from benched movies from prior Halloweens.
• Matt gives Craig a clue that they will be watching one of the 2 werewolf movies, and if Craig guesses correctly, he can choose the next movie. Craig guessed correctly.
• “All of [Craig’s] teeth are sweet teeth.”
• For the first time the “objet d’Art” transition is in black and white.
• Ralph Bellamy is decreed the “whitest man in history.”
• Craig demands the gypsy woman dance “faster! Faster!”
• Matt plugs a collaborator’s website.
• Matt asks Craig to pick a scary one for next time.

Fan Art:
1. Digital renderings of the boys.
2. A photo of Craig and Matt with their faces swapped in honor of “Eyes Without a Face.”

Seen It:
Leon the Professional
Goodnight and Good Luck
Guardians of the Galaxy
Snakes on a Plane

Closing Credits: Matt sings a Wolfman themed version of Johnny Cash’s Delia.
Ernesto Stinger: “Why does everyone insist that I’m confused?”

Episode 062: The Descent

Cold Open Topic:
The Other Craig Johnsons

A “cave rock”

Objet d’Art:
A rock breaking hammer

Craig’s Background LP:
Talking Heads’ “Fear of Music.”

Show Notes:
• Craig chooses the movie. He tries to find a horror movie that will actually scare them for once. Matt becomes nervous that this fright may actually happen.
• The second of this year’s month of Halloween Horror.
• Matt dresses as Billy Jack for Halloween. Craig dresses in his usual garb.
• Matt asks Tona not to scream. Later, Matt screams which only causes Craig to scream.
• Craig and Matt again get down on Will Smith’s “I Am Legend.”
• Matt tells us of his horror movie idea.
• Matt talks about when he saw Stanley Tucci; Craig of when he saw Tony Shalhoub. Craig has photographic evidence.
• Matt and Craig offer to sell their journals for property in Europe.
• Ernesto’s roommate Tiger makes an appearance.

Seen It:
Barry Lyndon
The Conversation
True Stories
Big Night

Closing Credits: “Extreme Gollum!”
Ernesto Stinger: [cat-like shriek]

Episode 063: Pet Semetary

Cold Open Topic:
What movies scared us the most?

More hippy candy, but spookier

Objet d’Art:
A tombstone

Craig’s Background LP:
The Ramones “Rocket to Russia”

Show Notes:
• The third and final Halloween Horror movie.
• Matt and Craig are both dressed as Tetsuo from “AKIRA”
• Matt tells of his first panic attack.
• Though Halloween Horror, this movie has our standard title card and music. (Matt’s fault)
• Our second female director.
• Matt and Craig sing the Ramones!
• Craig tells of the psychological experiments performed on him by his mother as a baby.

Fan Art: “TheWolf Matt” poster.

Seen It: Scary Movies
The Exorcist
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Paranormal Activity

Closing Credits: The grown up truth about profanity
Ernesto Stinger: “The ground is sou-er!…”

Episode 61: Fear and Desire

Cold Open Topic:
Fart jokes

A squirt gun

Craig’s Background LP:
The Stooges “Raw Power”

Show Notes:
• For two guys who don’t like fart jokes, these two sure like making fart jokes. (4 in the opening 90 seconds)
• Matt had mentioned on a previous episode that there were no more Kubrick movies to watch. Then he found out there was one more.
• Craig provides an inner monologue for Matt to encourage people to donate to the show using Pay Pal.
• Spielberg’s AI is included in the Kubrick Themed show because it was initially developed by SK, and SS took over after SK died.
• Things get heated for Matt and Craig during a round of dueling James Mason impersonations. Tona makes us stop.

Full Metal Jacket
Dr Strangelove
Eyes Wide Shut
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Lolita (1962 version)

Closing Credits: General impersonations
Ernesto Stinger: “And now I’m a fish!”

Episode 062: Pumping Iron

Cold Open Topic:
Actors who should have stage names

A hand exerciser

Objet d’Art:
Kettle Bell

Craig’s Background LP:
Squeeze “UK Squeeze”

Show Notes:
• Our first sports movie, and third documentary
• Lots and lots of Ahnold impersonators.
• “Stu Ferrigno”
• Craig is so strong he bumps the tripod.
• Matt plugs Anapalana, Tona’s jewelry making company.
• Matt reads a couple of Customer Comments about viewers’ brushes with famous people involved with Pet Semetary. (Joey Ramone and director Mary Lambert).
• In Seen It, we discuss movies based on books, and we talk about both the movies and the books.

Seen It: READ IT
Fahrenheit 451
The Call of Cthulhu
The Magnificent Ambersons
The Running Man

Closing Credits: Arnold’s prayer and some REM.
Ernesto Stinger: “So I’m cumming day and night. It’s terrific. Right?”

Episode 063: Rare Exports

Cold Open Topic:
Directors we would like to hang out with.

A santa snow globe

Objet d’Art:

Craig’s Background LP:
The Nutcracker Suite

Show Notes:
• Traditional Christmas gambling episode but with a rigged game.
• After 3 years, we finally get to see Rare Exports.
• Return of the Christmas themed title card, thanks to Wayne Dorrington.
• Matt and Craig mangle a lot of Finnish names. Craig mangles the word “English.”
• Craig uses this episode to get out of buying a Christmas gift for his nephew.
• Craig talks of life’s mysteries, movie mysteries and dog mysteries.
• Craig just plain gives away the end of Snowpiercer.

Into the Wild
Winter’s Bone
Fail Safe

Closing Credits: Diggin’ too deep, man.
Ernesto Stinger: “Yo-Ho!”

Episode 064: A Trip to the Moon / The Immigrant

Cold Open:
A short improvised song

(For Matt) California and Toronto postcards
(For Craig) 42nd St. – Grand Central Subway Sign

Craig’s Background LP:
Van Morrison “Astral Weeks”

Show notes:
• Least favorite movies of the year: Craig – Billy Jack, Matt – My Little Chickadee
• Matt and Craig’s favorite movie of the year – Sunrise
• Craig’s 3 favorite discoveries of the year: The Hit, Sorcerer, Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast
• Matt’s 3 favorite discoveries of the year: Mikey and Nicky, Golddiggers of 1933, Alan Partridge
• We watch 2 films from previously un-viewed decades: The 1900s and the 1910s
• Once again, Craig and Matt do a joint summary of one of the films
• Craig is not a big Chaplin fan
• Pumping Iron fan art
• A Wayne Dorrington graphic retrospective
• Wayne comes up with a new graphic which combines Charlie Chaplin with A Trip to the Moon
• 2014 Hall of Fame inductees: Ray Milland, Gregg Toland, Katsuhiro Otomo, Robert Loggia,
• The Lost Weekend Bat welcomes Mr. Milland into the Hall of Fame
• Robert Loggia: A human bulging vein
• Barry Bostwick’s personal endorsement of the show is once again displayed
• 2014 Hall of Fame Non-human inductee: Falling
• Another New Year’s resolution is fulfilled with the viewing of Heaven’s Gate
• We revive our tradition of picking an undisputable classic for the final Seen It of the year and focusing only on the cons. Casablanca gives short shrift to Sam.
• Ernesto briefly says hello at the end of the episode

Seen It:
Heaven’s Gate
Only Lovers Left Alive

Closing Credits:
Craig reveals to Matt that Charlie Chaplin is a card cheat

Ernesto Stinger:
(Wacky SFX)

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