You Only Live Twice

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JAMES BOND:YOU ONLY LIVE TWICEAs you are still sluggishly digesting your Thanksgiving day feast, won’t you join us for a little international espionage? Drive your Aston Martin over to the old leather couch for some James Bond action and for some of the worst Sean Connery impersonations you will ever hear.
In Seen It, we discuss special boys, father figures and sad actresses.

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  1. Michael Wilson

    O.K. What you guys don’t know about James Bond films should disqualify you from doing movie reviews. That Craig hasn’t seen “Goldfinger” (or apparently any of the Sean Connery Bond films before YOLT) is incredible. And though Matt claims to have been in to the novels and films when he was young, this seems hard to believe based on the weak commentary in this review. YOLT was almost certainly the weakest of any Bond film up until “Diamonds are Forever” but neither of you appear to understand this fact. Anyway, I’m huge Bond fan but disappointed in the content of this review. My guess is that you must have been Roger Moore fans?


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