Desperately Seeking Susan

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The Material Girl herself joins us on the old leather couch as we take a trip through the 80s with Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. In Seen It, we discuss New York gangs, a band of runaways and seven, count em, seven samurai.





3 Responses to “Desperately Seeking Susan”

  1. Zack

    Hey guys! I have loved watching your show for the past five years and my favorite parts has always been Seen It. Could you guys talk about the 2017 film “Detroit”. I thought it was pretty good but the performance of Algee Smith as Larry is easily one of my favorite performances of the year.

  2. Trina

    Hello! When talking about musicians in film you missed one interesting tidbit. Rosanna Arquette was the inspiration for a few famous songs including Toto’s “Rosanna” (disputed) and Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes.”

  3. Emily Binder

    Hi guys! My friend Justin got me hooked on this show and now every other Friday my fiance and I sit and watch the latest episode. I absolutely love listening to your opinions of movies and have started looking at film more closely now as a result. I’m just starting your Cinema Immersion Tank challenge. I only just started and will definitely let you know how watching The Thing, 5 days in a row, goes for me.. Wish me luck!


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