Christmas Celebration

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IMG_6171Ho Ho Ho, Happy Holidays!  Tis the season for gambling as we play another game of Three Film Monte.  Which movie will we watch?  The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T?  Meet Me in St. Louis?  Or Rare Exports?  Watch and find out.  In Seen It, we discuss fidelity, desire and Spanish Vampires.

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  1. Atticus Tsai-McCarthy

    Have you guys seen the spectacular now? I think it is one of the best teenage/high school movies to present high school slightly realistically. I think the characters are great, save for a few, and their interactions seem real. I wish there were more movies like this, in an industry that only seems to want to overwhelm their audience with loud noises and explosions, a movie where you can sit, watch, and connect.

    Huge fan of this series. Hope to watch more great films this year, and hear your opinions of them.


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