A Christmas Carol

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Whether you’re a miserly old Scrooge or a relentlessly-positive Tiny Tim, you’ll enjoy our trip to Christmas past, present and future as we watch the perennial favorite, A Christmas Carol. Leave your humbugs at the door. In Seen It, we discuss an old vampire, an old junkie and an old conspiracy theory.




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  1. Brian Mills

    Hi Matt and Craig,

    My name is Brian, I am currently a student at San Francisco State University, and found Welcome to the Basement earlier in March. I was surprised to find out the guys from the best thing of my childhood Chad Vader had a YouTube series dedicated to watching movies, and was mad at myself for just discovering it. What I found was a movie YouTube series that loves arthouse/independent cinema, but isn’t too pretentious and loves to talk about mass market movies as well. I was wondering if you guys have seen The Night of the Generals starring Peter O’Toole and Omar Sharif produced by Sam Spiegel. It is the trios send time working together after Lawrence of Arabia, and while not as good as Lawrence I think it is still an underrated and fascinating gem about a Nazi major (Sharif) investigating murders that he believes were carried about by one of three Nazi generals played by O’Toole, Charles Gray, and Donald Pleasence (Both Gray and Pleasence and Gray would go one to play Blofeld, which I personally love seeing two Bond villains in the same movie). Sorry for the long post, but just wanted to say thanks for the hours of content.

  2. Gil Rivera

    Happy Holidays guys, love the show. Have you seen License to Kill? In my opinion one of if not the best Bond film. Timothy Dalton was a great James Bond. It’s a shame he only got to do 2 films.


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