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Log into the world of computer snoopery with us on the old leather couch as we check out 1995’s Hackers. Hack the planet!
In Seen It, we discuss the MCU: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Infinity War.






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  1. stupidfish

    Outstanding show as always, Craig, Matt, and Tona! Rewatching all of your seasons has helped me through a pretty tough time, but regardless I hope you’re all doing well.

    I’ve never seen anybody recommend a movie that neither one of you have seen, so I wanna try this out. There’s an indie movie on YouTube known for being avant garde and just plain batshit crazy, and it’s called “I-Be Area”. Directed by Ryan Trecartin in 2007, it’s 108 minutes of a cast of crazy people saying sentences with subjects and predicates, but no meaning whatsoever. The script and the editing are bonkers. Watching only a bit of it messed my brain up for a while because anything said or written made absolutely no sense.

    Sounds like something you should watch and will fully enjoy, right?


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