Mildred Pierce

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Isolation and social distance got you down? Come join us on the pre-pandemic old leather couch for the film noir melodrama Mildred Pierce. Craig chose the movie to celebrate Matt’s upcoming birthday. It was much nicer than the gift that the world was preparing to give Matt several weeks later. In Seen It, we discuss strange lighthouses, underground railroads and a Soviet serial killer.




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  1. Ryan

    I have another list of Seen It movies that I watched on Sunday afternoon matinees on TV when I was growing up after church and WCW wrestling.

    Hercules (1983) – That movie is so beautifully bad.

    Bachelor Party (1984) – I probably shouldn’t have watched that movie as young as I was.

    Romancing the Stone (1984) – I have seen this movie more than the first two Indiana Jones movies

    Innerspace (1987) The Running Man (1987) They Live (1988) – On average, I’ve seen these movies ten times each.

    Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988) – Like Bachelor Party and They Live, I’m pretty sure I saw this movie at an age before I should have. Or right when I should have.


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