Modesty Blaise

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In the mood for international intrigue, exotic locales and fabulous outfits? Call Modesty Blaise! The old leather couch has never been so swinging and mod. In Seen It, Read It, we discuss movies made from books about old men in the wrong countries, authors in misery and detectives in hell.





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  1. Joe M.

    Simpsons quote that, as a parent, I use often: “I don’t care if he’s filling in for Mel Zetz!”
    Just watched Night and the City (The original with Richard Widmark, not the DeNiro remake). Great flick. Seen it?
    Tin Men?

  2. Shauna

    I just wanted to say thank you for this show and continuing to air it with virtual Craig. The chemistry you two have is so much fun to watch. After being an avid Beer and Board Games fan for such a long time, I recently got into Welcone to the Basement and it has been my escape during these trying past few months with my dad in the hospital and finally passing away. You two have the same kind of humor my dad and I have, and it makes me so happy. Thank you.


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