Pillow Talk

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Spend a belated Valentine’s Day with us on the old leather couch as we get cozy and take in the classic 1950s rom-com Pillow Talk.
In Seen It, we discuss pigs, duels, stranglers and itches.






2 Responses to “Pillow Talk”

  1. Nate

    I portrayed Jonathan in a suprisingly sexy high school theater reproduction of this movie at my ultra conservative private christian high school. I tried, but was not able to live up to Tony Randall’s excellently understated performance. Have you guys ever performed in something that made you keenly aware of not “hitting the mark” in terms of recreating another, possibly famous, performance?

  2. Christy W

    Heyyyy! I grew up in rural Oregon too, and we had a party line for awhile. What town did Tons grow up in? Mine’s called Lacomb. Parents still live there!


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