The Emperor’s New Groove

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If you or a loved one suffer from a groove-related ailment, then your prescription is the old leather couch, where we’ll be watching Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. You’ll be up and grooving again in no time. In Seen It, we visit a punk rock landmark, a society of no longer living poets and the Spider-verse.




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  1. Eric Gibbons

    Ok, I cannot disagree with your assessment of this movie. Buy it has a special place in my heart. Initially my thoughts were the same as yours, I have absolutely no interest in watching this. Two years later my friend and i saw it at Walmart and we decided to get it for his kids.
    Then we watched it and we could not stop laughing. We also had inadvertantly already met Kronk. But the Kronk we knew had a greenish brown skin tone and tusks. He was the half orc barbarian from our 3rd edition D&D campaign.
    The similarities were astounding! The relatable humor and absolute fun they had with the charavters made me totally throw out and ignore all of the obvious tropes and just concentrate on the fun.


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