The Friends of Eddie Coyle

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It’s time for us to go deep undercover in the Boston mob with The Friends of Eddie Coyle. Street life was never this gritty. Peter Boyle’s head was never this HUGE. In Seen It, we discuss the bibliography and filmography of Stephen King in Seen It, Read it.






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  1. Nathan Rushing

    I discovered you guys about a month ago and immediately watched through your entire catalog. There are few YouTube offerings that rise to your level of quality and sincerity. This was an excellent episode, and I found myself fist pumping when Matt mentioned the approaching spooky month of October.

    Anyway, have you guys seen The Last Starfighter? It’s a lesser known sci-fi offering that incorporates the wonder of Star Wars and the hopefullness of a young arcade rat. I highly recommend it for it’s heart and commitment to 80s special effects.
    Love you guys, and keep up the great work.


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