The Mystery of the Leaping Fish

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It’s been a long year and season 9 is now complete. We wrap up a very weird year with the silent movie weirdness of The Mystery of the Leaping Fish. I guarantee you’ve never seen a movie like this. In Seen It, we talk about gifted people, caged birds and the flaws of one of the greatest action movies of all time.





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  1. Ben

    Hi, folks,

    I’ve been following this show for years and really enjoy your work. As a major fan of “The Adventures of Priscilla- Queen of the Desert” I wanted to chime in on the gas tank conversation. If Sleeping Beauty is an example of a McMuffin (or whatever the word is), I think the reason the gas tank doesn’t qualify as one is because it’s not a character in itself, but rather an integral part of what amounts to an inanimate character – Priscilla was the name of the bus, after all, and the story is billed as its/her adventure. I think the gas tank could be likened (at least in this way) to Piggy’s glasses in “The Lord of the Flies” in that they are physical characteristics that drive a character’s influence in the plot.

    Like Craig said, the goal wasn’t to get a new gas tank, but to reach the hotel. As I see it they had to complete the trip with a character who was ill and dubiously capable of making it. It was a drag queen movie, and a road trip movie, but it was also a survival movie. Adam and Bernadette had already survived abuse and all of them were in danger of dying of exposure in the desert. Bernadette found Bob, though, a man who saw her as a person and treated her as such (not just a “bent status symbol.”) Adam found catharsis in hearing Benj accept his mother’s sexuality as a matter of course, giving him hope for a future where gay-bashing is no longer acceptable. Bob got away from his toxic marriage. Tig faced his own conflict about not having his son in his life and found renewed enthusiasm for performing. The ending was “We got through it. It’s going to be okay.” If Priscilla had needed to be abandoned or even repaired, I think it would have been inconsistent with that. The bus didn’t need to have a part replaced. I think it’s implied that the bus kept going with what it had, thereby gradually working the problem out if its system.

    Sleeping Beauty was entirely removed from the action as a character. Once she fell asleep neither she, nor any part of her character could actively affect the plot. She was even less animate than the bus.

    Of course this is simply my own un-researched take on things, so apologies if I’m typing out of my ass. At the very least, thank you for prompting me to put my thoughts into words regarding a movie that’s had a long-standing positive influence on my life.

  2. spoon goon

    Basement Boyz, have you seen Three O’Clock High? It would be a good choice for your show, it’s very similar to After Hours which I know Craig loves.

  3. Ryan

    Fantastic end of the year episode. I have a few Seen Its that are candidates from my Bad Movie watching club that I have not yet seen.

    Death Train (1993)

    Hard Target (1993)

    The Long Kiss Goodnight (1996)

    Maximum Overdrive (1986)

    oh, and we watched Highlander 2 (1991). My god, it is so amazingly bad. The Micheal Ironside scene I dubbed ‘Glen Danzig in a John Woo film’ was not as good as the ‘Jack Nicholas in a Sam Raimi film’ scene. We were pretty sure they added the Connery scenes as reshoots in post.

    I had to wait to watch your Something Wicked This Way Comes episode until after I watched it. It is legitimately better than the adaptation of Needful Things. If you have not seen Needful Things, don’t. It’s so bad in an edited for and shot for TV way.

    I’ll try to be a monthly sponsor soon. I would have been sooner, but I am easily distracted


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