Chicken Run

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Cartoon June continues with…clay. It may not be cartoons, but it is animation and it is also the poultry-based jailbreak movie, Chicken Run. Join us on the old leather couch for a little escape. In Seen It, we discuss moves in the night, men of rockets and an unfunny movie about a comedian.





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  1. Justin & Sabrina

    My fiance and I are separated by the Atlantic Ocean and were supposed to get married here in the US where I live in FL … obviously the plague (thankfully not caused by those evil BATS!) has put the kiabosh on that but one thing we have discovered during the long lockown kept apart is your wonderful and insightful film criticism/comedy show. We have found watching all of your back catalogue and looking forward to new epsisodes is a small thing that helps bridge the distance so thank you.

    We have watched almost all of your epsidoses now and one of my favourite and I think underappreciated American indie filmmakers has nary been mentioned … Hal Hartley … have you seen any of his films (The Unbelivable Truth, Trust, Surviving Desire, Simple Men, Amateur, Henry Fool)? His casts read like a whos who of indie acting kings/queens often who turned director: Adrienne Shelley (Waitress); Martin Donovan (Collaborator), Sarah Polley (Take This Waltz), Parkey Posey. As a fellow counter culture 90s college kid he was and is one of my favourites along with the likes of Mamet and Wenders and Besson whom you’ve featured in the Basement. If not I’d recommend Trust as the one to see.

    Thanks again for all your hard and entertaining work.

    Cheers from Florida & Manchester,

    Justin & Sabrina

  2. Monsieur Booyah

    Seen It: I’m sure you’ve both seen the original Gojira, but have either of you gotten around to seeing 2016’s Shin Godzilla?
    It discusses Japan’s contemporary relationship with the US, as well as the bureaucratic nature of government response to emergencies. A little too real under present circumstances!

  3. Glenn

    I’ve never seen Night Moves. I do know that it was released in 1975 and Melanie Griffith was born in 1957. Basic maths means, that unless it sat on the shelf for about 5 years, she was around 18 years old when it was made.

  4. Glenn

    If I had to name one American director to watch it would be a toss up between Robert Wise or Howard Hawks. Auteur theory is pretty much based on Hawks. But Wise made classics in everything from horror (the Haunting), to musicals (The Sound of Music, West Side Story) to science fiction (The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Andromeda Strain, Star Trek: The Motion Picture ) and was incredibly commercially successful. Richard Donner or Don Siegel also had interesting, varied, careers.


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