Yor Hunter From The Future

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Two virus-free friends get together to celebrate the 200th episode of Welcome To The Basement. Travel with us to the future (past) for adventure with Yor Hunter of the Future (past)! In Seen It we talk Sci-fi: killer birds, avenging heroes and the ninth war of the stars.





5 Responses to “Yor Hunter From The Future”

  1. Dominic Paulo

    I can’t say how happy I am to see you two guys together again-everything is right again in the world!!!

  2. Matt

    Seen It: Mirrormask? I love basically anything Neil Gaiman does!

  3. Matt

    Seen It: Mirrormask – I love basically anything Neil Gaiman is involved in!

  4. William Gleichman

    Lookin’ good Stew!

  5. Ralph Hodge

    Has Welcome to the Basement considered some sort of live streamed watch party? Maybe break with the show’s format in that it has to be something Matt’s never seen and watch a guilty pleasure/classic/cult favorite in the vein of friend of the show Mediocre Films or even in conjunction with what Greg Benson does on his Twitch channel. (PS. maybe not something too obscure and announced early enough that folks could get their hands on the film to be able to watch along). Or are you just looking for things to get somewhat back to normal?



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