The Zero Theorem

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Come join us in the brightly lit, dystopian future of Terry Gilliam as we attempt to solve The Zero Theorem. In Seen It, we discuss prosecuting witnesses, women who are small and Joe and his enemy, a volcano.







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  1. Monsieur Booyah

    Getting my wife to watch movies with me has always been an uphill battle (she tends to fall asleep as soon as she’s comfortable). Since we’ve been spending so much more time together at home, she’s started to watch your show along with me.

    You’ve described the show before as letting you guys watch the movie for us, and I think the format really warmed my wife up to watching (and staying awake for) more movies together. Thank you so much for the joy you spread, and hoping your families are all staying safe!

    Seen it: The 1950 documentary “Kon Tiki.” A lot of the anthropology is out-dated, but now it’s a great human story of what they went through to test their theories with so little sailing experience.


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