Corvette Summer

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Summer is just around the corner, may as well make it a Corvette Summer. Join a post-Star Wars Mark Hamill and a pre-Ghostbusters Annie Potts on the adventure of a lifetime in Las Vegas. Plus the newest member of the Welcome To The Basement family makes his first appearance.
In Seen It, we discuss movies we watched on the big screen: female Ghostbusters, male Basterds and guys and gals who are greasy.




2 Responses to “Corvette Summer”

  1. Jennifer Lill

    “Hey, I like your style. I like the way you screamed at that woman!” BWAHAHAHAHA You guys always pass the couch test!!

  2. Relentless Mike

    Hey speaking of weird old car films, have either of you seen 1986’s “The Wraith”? It’s a sci-fi/horror film about a killer car, the Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor. It’s got a great cast including Charlie Sheen, Randy Quaid, Clint Howard, and Nick Cassavetes.

    Keep up the good work guys!


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