Invaders From Mars

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invaders-from-mars-movie-poster-1953-1020259802What are those weird green lights outside my window? Why are my parents acting strange? Why am I being menaced by mu-TANTS? It must be Invaders from Mars! Inaccurate science and (of course) Cold War paranoia abound in this 50’s sci-fi classic.
In Seen It, we discuss invasions by predators, pod people and sexy, skin-stealing vixens.

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  1. Michael Wilson

    “Gee,” guys! As a kid from the 50’s I can tell you that we did overuse “gee” for just about every conversation we might have. And in regards to “Invasion from Mars,” it might not work on a very high level for adults but this was one scary movie for the 10 to 12 year olds that saw this at a Saturday matinee. You missed the whole point about the kids not being able to trust their parents. This created a paranoia for kids that were brought-up on parents always being trustworthy before the “never trust anyone over 30” thing came along in the 1960’s. A small classic, in my humble opinion.


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