Things To Come

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thingstocomeonesheetWar!  Dystopia!  Progress!  Utopia!  Come take a journey through an alternate history with HG Wells’ Things To Come.  It is a future filled with space guns, wandering sicknesses and fantastic headgear.
In Seen It, we discuss the future, a future full of gardening robots, interstellar McConaugheys and a quaint little French town called Alphaville.

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  1. Tim

    Craig’s praise of (Sir) Ralph Richardson as a great actor reminded me that Richardson appears in the disastrous “Give My Regards to Broad Street,” a 1984 movie written by and starring Sir Paul McCartney. I saw the movie twice in the theater because I love The Beatles, but it truly is an awful film — so much so, I wouldn’t suggest that WTTB review it.

    I would, however, welcome seeing you identify the worst movies that the best actors and actresses have appeared in.

    You’ve got your first one with Richardson/McCartney.

    Keep up the great work,

    • Craig Johnson

      Yes, that was a bad movie, but I do distinctly recall how the old man in the movie said “A big…blue box?” The line might have been in the trailer and the video for “No More Lonely Nights” (which is a song I loved as a child). I would repeat the line over and over again trying to duplicate it how he takes a little question and made it sound completely magical. I didn’t know it was Richardson, which I guess explains a lot.

  2. Chris Haslage

    Since you did Things to Come, how about the English version of Metropolis (1927)? The only reason this came into my brain was because I recently listened to Queen’s Radio Ga-Ga, which extensively used that movie as the base of their music video.


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