The Mummy

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What’s that rustling you hear behind you? Don’t look now, but there is a Mummy coming to steal your scroll! Boris Karloff visits us in the basement as we kick off a very spooky October.
In Seen It, we discuss non-traditional horror: singing cannibals, heads like erasers and the end of the world





2 Responses to “The Mummy”

  1. Relentless Mike

    Hey, have you guys seen Hardcore Henry? It’s an action/thriller all shot in first person perspective from the protagonist’s point of view, sorta like a video game. I’ve yet to check it out and was curious what your thoughts are on the film first.


  2. Magnus

    Good greetings from Sweden! I wonder if you have seen the rather overlooked, but perhaps deservedly so, adaptation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? Not a big fan myself, I might add. And speaking of Rand’s own scriptwriting, have you seen The Fountainhead from 1949? Better, but still completely crazy!
    I loved the interaction between the cats and baby Lorenzo, by the way!


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